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Ken’s letter to the WSJ re Hamas firing rockets into Israel



Hamas terrorists, with one of the Qassam rockets it fires into Israeli cities.

On January 6, 2018, SaveTheWest.com founder and president Ken Abramowitz submitted the following letter to the editor of the Wall St. Journal. The letter has not been published, so we are posting it here:

Letters To The Editor
Wall St. Journal
200 Liberty Street
New York, New York 10281

Dear Editor:

The “Israel Intercepts Gaza Rocket Fire During Memorial Ceremony” (December 30) highlighted that “the exchange was the latest sign of tensions over US policy shift on Jerusalem.”

However, Hamas does not need an excuse to fire rockets into Israel. Hamas has pledged to destroy Israel since it was founded in 1964 and reiterated this policy when it illegally took over Gaza in 2005. Moreover, Hamas’ parent is the Muslim Brotherhood, which pledged itself to world domination, from its founding in 1928.

The key point is that Political Islam terror organizations are at war with the West simply because we exist, and not for any particular action that we engage in.


Kenneth Abramowitz

New York, NY