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Op-Ed: The Biden Fiasco Unmasked



By Rachel Avraham

In a recent UN General Assembly speech, US President Joe Biden stated: “We’ve ended 20 years of conflict in Afghanistan. And as we close this period of relentless war, we’re opening a new era of relentless diplomacy; of using the power of our development aid to invest in new ways of lifting people up around the world; of renewing and defending democracy; of proving that no matter how challenging or how complex the problems we’re going to face, government by and for the people is still the best way to deliver for all of our people.”

On the other hand, Ken Abramowitz, founder of Save the West, said that this assertion is highly problematic: “Afghanistan is now more dangerous than it has ever been. The Taliban is seeking to take over the world. They got stolen equipment. We are going to fight them again another day, whether in a year or two or four. We will be back there again. Not because we want to. They want to take over the world and we must do something about it.

“No one believes in Biden after the Afghanistan fiasco. Human beings have been fighting each other since human beings existed. All animals fight each other, but since humans are smarter, they have more ways to fight each other. Animals kill to eat, but we don’t kill to eat. You cannot declare an end to endless wars unless you change human nature.

As Abramowitz noted, “The administration and previous administrations did not educate people about why we were in Afghanistan. If you don’t remind people, they forget. In addition to not educating the people, we negotiated with the Taliban, without explaining the implications of negotiating with a professional terrorist organization. We did not educate the people about why we cannot negotiate with terrorists, or why we should create a strategy by ourselves for ourselves. We could have kept 25,000 soldiers in Afghanistan at Bagram Air Force Base. It was a multi-billion dollar base. It was close to China and Iran. It was a strategic base. No one understands why it was necessary to evacuate it.”

According to Abramowitz, a comparable number of Americans are based permanently in Guantanamo Bay, so why not have such a facility in Afghanistan? Especially since doing anything less would be handing over strategic land to Iran, China, and radical Islamist groups such as the Taliban and ISIS. He said, “Iran has 400,000 terrorists worldwide. The Taliban has 75,000. ISIS/Al Qaeda have 25.000. There are 500,000 terrorists worldwide now. Pretty soon there will be as many terrorists are there are US soldiers. By this move, our domestic enemies will be reinvigorated, enemies like BLM, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Antifa.”

Abramowitz argued that the grave atrocity that took place on 9/11 more than justifies a permanent American presence in Afghanistan: “We should have stayed there for national security and political reasons. There were no American demonstrations over Afghanistan. It did not matter to the average Joe that we still had 25,000 Americans there.” However, he said that it did matter to the state of freedom in the world that we remained in Afghanistan, thus blocking the Taliban from taking over again. He said, “Biden is not mentally capable of being the President. There is zero chance that anything pro-America can come out of this, for basically, the bad guys took control of the government. America cannot be counted upon for anything.”

Steve Emerson, who heads the Investigative Project on Terrorism, implied in a recent webinar that the Taliban retaking Afghanistan adversely affects the average American: “Prominent radical Islamist thinker Yusuf Al Qaradawi openly stated that Islam will reconquer the world, including Europe, Spain, etc. The radicals look at those areas of the world to reconquer. According to those more fundamentalist Muslims, one does not convert, but revert to Islam. They believe everyone was born Muslim but was corrupted.”

According to Emerson, the radical Islamist threat has only gotten worse in America in recent years: “The Islamist coalition in the United States has emerged over the last four or five years into an intersectionality coalition, where other groups have joined the Islamists as anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. They label Israel as an apartheid state and call for its destruction.

We saw this during the last Gaza war, when there were over 100 anti-Israel rallies, particularly in the US and the UK. It was a window into what the Islamists believe. They have an anti-Semitic undercurrent. They reject the notion that the Jews have a right to their own state.

“They also guide the media on what to say and not say. For example, CAIR, a Hamas front group, was interviewed for the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks. The focus was not on the perpetrators or the victims, the 3,000 souls that perished on that day, or the 2,000 first responders who subsequently died of cancer, [from looking for survivors in the rubble and rebuilding on the ashes]. There were 5,000 victims in total. None of them examined those issues. Rather, they attacked the U.S. for being racist, Islamophobic, etc.

“CAIR told teachers not to say “jihadists”, “radical Muslim terrorists”, or “Muslim terrorists” in classrooms,” Emerson said. “It is like calling the term ‘Nazis’ inflammatory. 80% of Islamic terror attack victims are Muslim. Not too long ago, a Shia mosque in Afghanistan was bombed and over 100 were killed. It happens more often than not and is not considered news. For CAIR, the Islamist terrorists are mentally imbalanced. This is deceit that leads to fabrication and an invention of what Islamic terrorism is or isn’t. It leads to the notion that only white supremacy is a threat, even though a majority of groups affiliated with radical Islam are responsible for most terror attacks.”

According to Abramowitz, the bad guys are on high alert to cause maximum damage, and the Infrastructure Bill is a good example of this: “The Democrats want to pass a one-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill, of which only 10 percent has to do with infrastructure. They don’t want to be restrained by filibusters. It’s all money stolen from our children and great grandchildren. The lion’s share of that debt will be carried by our descendants. They charge people who don’t vote”. This bill changes the definition of broker to “any person who is responsible for regularly providing any service effectuating transfers of digital assets on behalf of another person.”

In sum, any person who does a business transaction of $10,000 or more in cash will be required to report it to the government for taxation or they will be committing a felony. Of course, just as the mainstream media is not discussing what Al Qaeda actually did on September 11, it is not covering this critical information and how it adversely affects high school students who start their own lawn mowing service or other small business. Abramowitz concluded, “It’s a big threat to the future of America. We have a responsibility to ourselves and our grandchildren and children to stop the Democrats.”

Rachel Avraham is a political analyst working for the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy, Research, Public Relations and Human Rights, which is run by Mendi Safadi, a former Likud Candidate for the Knesset and a former chief of staff of former Israeli Communication Minister Ayoob Kara. Since 2012, she has been working as an Israel-based journalist and writer, covering Iran, Kurdistan, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other developments in the greater Islamic world.

Her articles have appeared in the Washington Times, the Hill, Front Page Magazine, the Daily Wire, the Christian Post, the Baltimore Jewish Times, the Jerusalem Post, Israel Hayom, Ahval and many other publications across the globe. She received her MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Ben-Gurion University. She got her BA in Government and Politics with minors in Jewish Studies and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Maryland at College Park.

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