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STW founder: Eight false narratives in Kerry’s speech about Israel



By Ken Abramowitz, founder and president, SaveTheWest.com

What a coincidence! In the middle of Chanukah, a modern-day King Antiochus has emerged in our midst!

On December 28, Secretary of State Kerry gave an embarrassingly naive speech that revealed a tragic lack of fundamental knowledge about the Middle East, and of common sense. The speech was based on eight false narratives, one for each night of Chanukah:

(1) President Obama is Israel’s best friend. What kind of best friend attempts to subversively interfere with another nation’s elections?

(2) Settlements must be protected by the IDF, and therefore impair Israeli national security. Does America’s defense of Maine, Florida and Hawaii impair our national security?

(3) In the Oslo accords, area C in Judea-Samaria was supposed to be transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA), yet no Arab building is allowed, and Arab homes are being bulldozed. In the Oslo Accords, Israel was given indefinite control over Area C.

(4) 2.7 million Arabs in Judea-Samaria live under Israeli occupation, with no basic freedoms and no real political rights. The Arabs in Judea-Samaria have autonomy, and all the political rights and freedoms that the PA allows.  (And for those who insist that Israel is an apartheid state, please consult the graphic at right.)

(5) The Palestinian state must be contiguous in land control. If the PA becomes truly committed to peace, bypass roads can easily be built.

(6) The status quo is unjust, and no one has any answers as to how to maintain it. In reality, the status quo is the best alternative, as all other alternatives are far worse for everyone. Only the IDF can defend all citizens in Israel and “Palestine.”

(7) Allegiance to basic American values is forcing the Obama administration to pressure Israel to stop the occupation of Palestinian lands. What kind of American values allow the U.S. government to betray a crucial ally?

(8) America is acting in Israel’s best interests, as Israel doesn’t understand its own best interests. America is not acting in its own self-interest, as a Palestinian state would be invaded within minutes by the four primary worldwide political Islam terror organizations: Iran, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Wahhabis. Thousands of Muslims would be killed, as is now happening in Syria and Iraq. Such an outcome is no one’s self interest, except these four terror organizations!

How many days are left until January 20?