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Op-Ed: The Soros Agenda



The Soros Agenda

By Rachel Ehrenfeld


George Soros is a man with billions at his disposal and one of the most powerful networks in the world, whose motto is: “If I spend enough, I can make it right.” But what is “right,” according to Soros?

George Soros’s past as a survivor of World War II is an experience he applies as his primary credential to justify meddling in the political and social affairs of countries around the world. The self-proclaimed agnostic Soros disputes Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish State but exploits the religion he was born into as a tactic to shield him from criticism. For the past four decades, Soros has been using his multi-billion-dollar, political-philanthropic global network to impose his Weltanschauung on the world.

By 1993, Soros was heralded as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.” He used the praises and publicity to create a network of powerful foundations dedicated to his overriding ambition and objective to reshape the world’s only constitutional democratic republic, the United States of America. By 2023 the nation’s political and social landscape has changed beyond recognition. The financial speculator’s enormous sums of money oiled the Democrat Party’s machine that advanced his agenda that turned the American dream into a nightmare. How did he do that?

Decades ago, Rachel Ehrenfeld perceptively predicted, “Unchallenged, Soros would change the political landscape of the U.S.” Join her on the journey as she exposes the Orwellian lingo, schemes, and strategies Soros has been using to transform America from a thriving, law-and-order democracy into a Sorostian world.

And he’s not done yet…

The Soros Agenda by Rachel Ehrenfeld is Available on Amazon

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Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld is one of America’s most noted economic warfare and counter-terrorism scholars, who runs the American Center for Democracy and its Economic Warfare Institute. She has published hundreds of articles, numerous white papers and several books, including “Funding Evil” - How Terrorism is Financed; and How to Stop It.” She successfully lobbied New York and Congress to enact laws to protect American journalists, scholars, writers and publishers from the enforcement of foreign libel judgements in the U.S. Her efforts resulted in the passage of NY's “Rachel’s Law” (2008), and the federal SPEECH Act, signed into law by Pres. Obama in 2010.