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Time to Win America’s Multifront War – Ken’s Thought of the...

America is fighting a Multifront War that is tearing the country apart. What can be done to save the country from those who would destroy it?

Securing US Election Is Crucial – Ken’s Thought of the Week

The possibility of fraud in the upcoming elections is real. Here's what must be done immediately.

Shaky Upcoming National Election Environment can be Fixed – Ken’s Thought of...

The dramatic challenges that are facing America today, from COVID-19 to the rioting, looting, and growing chaos on America’ streets, are creating confusion and division as the 2020 elections approach. How can we defuse the turmoil now plaguing America?

Anarchists, Communists, Socialists: Masters of Deception: Ken’s Thought of the Week

The riots in our cities and the enormous damage that they have caused to our nation is now compounded by their efforts to the cancel the U.S. Constitution and all the freedoms that it guarantees, through deceit and chaos.

The Civil War of 1861-1865 Never Ended: Ken’s Thought of the...

This week, Ken and STW editor Jon Sutz examine the relationship between the U.S. Civil War, Democrats' racism, and the violent seditious anarchy we're witnessing in Democrat-run cities across America.

ISIS files “cultural appropriation” complaint against ANTIFA with the United Nations...

Social justice warriors have been fuming over groups and organizations that "cultural appropriate" habits and mannerisms that originate elsewhere. Now, ISIS is joining the bandwagon, by filing a complaint at the UN against ANTIFA anarchists, for "culturally appropriating" their outfits.