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Special report: The U.S. “news” media depicts an American terrorist and...

Before they started acting as this terrorist's volunteer PR team, did these mainstream "news" organs really not know what Yazidi rape slaves said about how ISIS wives - like her - brutalized them? A special report by Jon Sutz.

HuffPost praises McCain in death – after viciously smearing him for...

HuffPost viciously smeared Sen. John McCain in 2008, to help ensure he lost the presidential race to Sen. Barack Obama. Yet since he emerged as a fierce critic of President Trump, then died, it treated him as a model statesman.

STW video: “HuffPost’s lies, hate speech, and incitement to violence exposed”

This new, 4-minute video exposes how HuffPost, which insists it is a nonpartisan newspaper, spreads hate speech against its political enemies, and incites and justifies violence, to advance its radical leftist agenda.

Hitler-whitewashing HuffPost smears Betsy DeVos with false Hitler endorsement [UPDATED]

HuffPost launched a vicious attack on Betsy DeVos, nominee for Secretary of Education, falsely implying that she admires Adolf Hitler. Ironic, being that HuffPost has whitewashed and humanized Hitler, while ignoring or dehumanizing Jews who were murdered by anti-Semitic terrorists.

STW’s new documentary: “HuffPost’s Dehumanization of Capt. Taylor Force”

How far did the Huffington Post go to dehumanize Capt. Taylor Force, a beloved, decorated U.S. Army officer and combat veteran, who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist? See for yourself, in this explosive new documentary.