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Ken’s Thought of the Week: Did the EU Learn Anything from World War 2?



By Ken Abramowitz and Jon Sutz

Ken Abramowitz is the President and Founder of SaveTheWest. Jon Sutz is SaveTheWest’s consulting editor and videographer.

Note: A compendium of some of the source material used to construct this article is contained in the Additional Reading section.

There were three strategic errors that led to World War 2:

(1) Germany was forbidden to rearm after WW1, but the Versailles Treaty was not properly enforced — and as a result, Hitler was enabled to build the most lethal offensive military machine the world had known to that point.

(2) German anti-Semitism was infecting Europe and undermining Christianity, but no neighboring countries said or did anything substantive to expose or ideologically combat it.

(3) German supremacist and imperialistic thoughts under the Nazis threatened all neighboring countries, but none of those countries did anything to stop Germany, until they were physically invaded.

Part of the reason that European nations allowed all the above to happen is because they were exhausted from World War 1 (“the war to end all wars”), and had little desire to once again engage in a military build-up, and commit its young men to a bloody conflict. Ironically, by sitting on the sidelines until war was forced upon it, what could have been prevented through enforcement of the Versailles Treaty, or stopped with minimal bloodshed, ended up costing the world nearly 60 million lives, including 11 million European civilians — 6 million of them, Jews.

Human bones litter the grounds of the Majdanek concentration camp in Lublin, Poland following its liberation by Soviet forces on July 24, 1944. (AFP/Getty Images)

Between 1942-45, the U.S. Department of Defense contracted legendary film director Frank Capra to produce a series of films, entitled “WHY WE FIGHT,” that would explain the nature of the war, the parties involved, their motivations, and the outcomes they were seeking. The primary purpose of these films, according to General George Marshall, was “to replace the series of lectures given newly inducted soldiers as to why we are in the war.” The added purpose, however, was to provide a crash course in these issues to the American people, who were required to undergo rationing, and massive tax increases to pay for the nation to go from a free economy, to one that was geared towards supporting the war effort.

This first installment, below, “Prelude To War,” will give those who are unfamiliar with these issues a thorough introduction to the forces that led to World War 2:

According to the George C. Marshall Foundation:

“Prelude to War was followed by six other movies. The Nazis Strike (1943), Divide and Conquer (1943), The Battle of Britain (1943), The Battle of Russia (1943), The Battle of China (1944) and War Comes to America (1945). Capra also created other films for the Army, such as The Negro Soldier (1944) and Two Down, One to Go (1945), which featured General Marshall. For his contributions to the war effort, Capra earned the Distinguished Service Medal in 1945.”

Today, the EU is now making catastrophic errors in judgment that may well lead to World War 3 – and it has zero excuses for doing so

Some of these errors are:

(1) EU countries refuse to recognize Iran’s rulers as messianic fascists, who welcome their own destruction. During the Cold War, the USA and USSR stood eyeball to eyeball, armed to the teeth, knowing that if either attacked the other, they would be destroyed (the “mutually-assured destruction,” or MAD doctrine) — and worked strenuously to avoid that conflict.  In contrast, Iran’s rulers have been threatening to kill everyone in America (“the Great Satan”) and Israel (“the Little Satan”) and have openly said that doing so will bring forth the “Twelfth Mahdi,” the messenger of Allah, which will make Islam conquer and rule the entire world – after which they will be instantly transported to the most revered portion of Heaven. Thus, the MAD doctrine is inapplicable to the messianic rulers of Iran — yet EU countries refuse to accept this fact (and sadly, most citizens in the USA are unaware of it).

(2) EU countries are not stopping Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons, or violating the terms of the JCPOA (nuclear “deal”).  EU countries occasionally mouth concerns over Iran’s persistent violations of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which its rulers never signed, and which President Obama promised would prevent the Islamist regime from acquiring nuclear weapons.  In fact, even the left-leaning Brookings Institution admitted that the primary beneficiaries of the windfall of cash that Iran’s rulers received as a result of the JCPOA were its internal terrorist apparatus (the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC), and Hezbollah, the world’s largest Islamist terrorist organization.  Yet EU countries have refused to take any substantive action to punish Iran’s rulers.

(3) Certain EU countries are chronically scheming to violate US sanctions, in order to engage in commerce with Iran. Germany has even refused to disclose Iran’s attempts to obtain nuclear weapons and missile technologies, in violation of the terms of the JCPOA, and its parliament recently refused to ban the world’s largest Islamist terror group, the Iran-backed Hezbollah, from operating, fundraising and organizing on German soil.

(4) EU countries are not working to protect their Jewish populations, particularly from the #1 perpetrators of hate crimes against them — radical Islamists — or externally, to help protect Jews in Israel. To the contrary, many EU nations are funding anti-Semitic hate and terrorist groups that are also backed by Iran.

So what must be done, if World War 3 is to be avoided?

(1) EU countries must accept the reality of the existential threat that Iran poses, and how quickly this threat is metastasizing and maturing, often with their help.

(2) New center-right parties in European countries must join in coalitions with exciting centrist parties so as to influence far stronger protections against foreign and internal threats.

(3) The UK needs to exit from the failing EU, by October 31, 2019, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has proposed, and recently confirmed.

(4) European countries must join forces with the USA to stop Iran and use military means if necessary, sooner than later.

In World War 2, the Nazi regime was committed to conquering the world for national socialism — but that war was fought with airplanes, tanks, battleships and guns.  It took six years, and sixty million deaths before the Nazis and their Italian and Japanese allies could be defeated — yet the Hitler’s war machine could have been stopped in its infancy, had European countries had the courage and will to act, at the time.

Today, Iran is on a messianic quest to obtain the nuclear weapons that are capable of destroying nations within minutes — and many EU countries are not only not acting to stop this threat, they are actively enabling these Islamist fascists.

Will EU countries rise to the challenge? Given all the above facts and evidence, it appears unlikely, and this is a big reason why EU countries are dying — economically, culturally, and physically.

There is still time, however, for EU countries to reverse course, accept the reality — and the fact that in most cases, they are themselves welcoming, enabling, protecting and even funding the existential threat facing them.

We pray that they reverse course, while there is still time, and join America in taking the actions necessary to stop the Iranian threat, once and for all — hopefully, through peaceful means, before World War 3 is imposed upon us, at a cost of potentially hundreds of millions, if not billions of lives.

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