Only Obama could make me want Bibi

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The following is an excerpt of an editorial by SaveTheWest contributor Doug Altabef that first appeared in the Times of Israel in February 2015.  Altabef is a retired American financial adviser from New York, who now lives in Israel.

Let me get right to the punchline: I am voting for Bibi in the upcoming election.

Now for the commentary: I am not a big Bibi fan.

Bibi during OPE

Netanyahu during Operation Protective Edge (July 2014; photo by IDF).

I used to be a bigger fan, but I have discovered that there is what I would call an action gap: big talk, little follow through.  I have still not forgiven Bibi for his incredibly bone-headed public embrace of the so-called two state solution. I still am scratching my head over the protracted “boy crying wolf” threats to stop Iran that went exactly nowhere.

I am still in disbelief at our craven desire for ceasefires during Operation Protective Edge that resulted in a large percentage of Israeli losses during that war.

And yet, I have come to realize that each of these sins has a common thread: they were either caused or exacerbated by enormous pressure coming from the Obama Administration, specifically the President himself.

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