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Op-Ed: Divide and Conquer: Making Russia the US Allies



By Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky

America is waging a multi-front war detailed in the seminal book by Ken Abramowitz, “The Multifront War”. However not all of America’s enemies have to or can be crushed or have their regimes changed. Some have to be contained, others turned into friends. The old Roman dictum remains the best geopolitical strategy.

The key American enemies are China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, ISIS, Hezbollah, and other Islamist terror groups. All must be confronted simultaneously – yet, differently.

Let’s start with Russia, as it wages the war with America’s ally, Ukraine, right now:

Is it realistic to aim for regime change in Russia? No. With all the levers of propaganda, the Kremlin regime secures the support of the majority of their nation, rallying Russians around Putin. Most Russians see Ukraine’s separation from Russia as a historical injustice. Sanctions make life difficult for Russians, but not too much: Russia’s growing cooperation with China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Iran compensates for this.

On the other hand, the sanctions greatly strengthen among Russians the psychology of the besieged fortress and faith in the special mission of Russia and in its great Christian destiny of defending Biblical values against the anti-Christian West. This is the thinking of an ordinary Russian: “the perverted atheistic West with their same-sex marriages and gender-altering surgeries for children is the Antichrist waging war against the Holy Russia. They want to make our heartland, our underbelly, Ukraine, a spring-board for their expansion into Russia. We are the last bastion of the Biblical values. Yes, our Putin and his cronies are corrupt and we do not have democracy, but at least our children are not seduced to change their genders, marry the same sex, become lackeys to aggressive feminists and ethnic minorities, despise and mock the Church and Christ. That’s much more important for us and we are ready to fight and die for it.”

Repeat: this is not Putin’s propaganda. That’s what the majority of Russia’s 145 million population genuinely think, feel, and believe. I am monitoring their social media and talk to hundreds of Russians across the spectrum. Yes, most of them are nationalistic, imperialistic, and adore Putin. But they genuinely do not want to occupy the Baltic Republics: they have accepted their membership in NATO long ago. They speak not of occupying, but  of destroying Europe and the US (being “martyred” in a mutually assured destruction) only if cornered.

The fact is that if Ukraine was left by the West to be Russia-oriented – no EU and NATO membership – this blood-bath would have never happened. Russians genuinely want just the loyalty of their historic, as they see it, Slavic neighbors: Belarus and Ukraine. Russia is England, the latter two are Wales and Scotland. And even this comparison is flawed because England’s cradle was not in Edinburgh, while Russia’s was in Kyiv.

It is another story that Ukraine is a split country, linguistically and religiously, with a large portion of it oriented towards the West. Samuel Huntington predicted this Ukraine war over 25 years ago.
The voice of the Bible-based, Western consciousness, Jordan Peterson, has just released a video where he confirms all the points I’m making:

Ukraine is not a strategic asset for the US, while it is for Russians.There is no real interest for the West to fight Russians till the last Ukrainian, except for moral issues. Then again, the West doesn’t pick up battles against other dictators and invaders in other parts of the world.

This war will lead to an unprecedented fuel, food and refuge crisis in the world.

This war will put us all on the brink of a nuclear exchange – if we corner the Russians.

This war is a consequence of a civil war raging in the West.

Peterson gives a precise diagnosis but does not offer a cure. The remedy is two-fold: practical and ideological.

Practically and tactically, Putin’s aggression must be contained within eastern Ukraine, which is already under Russian control. NATO deliveries of modern weapons to Ukraine should pursue only this goal – to prevent Putin from capturing Kyiv and Odessa – but not the full liberation of eastern Ukraine. This will only lead to an escalation of the conflict up to a nuclear one. Moreover, it is necessary to give Russia Western guarantees of Ukraine’s neutrality and non-proliferation of NATO to Moldova and Ukraine. This will enable Putin to save face and declare victory at home. It may not look like a victory for the West today, but it is necessary for the strategic victory of the West tomorrow.

Ideologically and strategically, the West must tear Russia away from the China-Iran axis. The latter, especially China, are America’s existential enemies. Russia is not.

Russia can be turned into an ally of the United States in the foreseeable future, while China and Iran cannot. Russia and America in the post-Putin era can develop a common narrative based on common Christian, conservative values. Russia and America were allies in World War II. In the spring of 1945, Russian and American soldiers embraced and fraternized in Germany on the Elbe River – reaching it from the East and the West.

A new Meeting on the Elbe is necessary and is possible. The post-Putin rulers of the Kremlin will remain conservative Eastern Orthodox Christians. If conservative Christians are also in power in the US, nothing will stop us from burying the battle ax and creating a new Holy Alliance of Russia and America to protect and promote common Biblical values ​​in the world. This Union (by the way, will be pro-Israeli, with Jerusalem serving as Elbe) will be aimed at containing anti-Biblical ideologies and forces – Chinese communism, Iranian Islamism and Western nonsensical wokeness.

Dr Dmitry Radyshevsky is a Moscow-born Harvard-educated Israeli-American theologian, political analyst and writer. Author of “Universal Zionism” and “The New Maccabees”. He’s the founder of Jerusalem Summit – a think-tank dedicated to uniting the free world around Jerusalem and developing a joint strategy against the twin dangers: “Man without God” of Post-Liberalism and “God without man” of totalitarian states’ Statism and Islamism.

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