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Ken’s letter to the Wall St. Journal regarding our adversaries’ denunciations of John Bolton



President Trump with National Security Adviser John Bolton (Getty Images)

On August 8, 2019, SaveTheWest.com founder and CFNS chairman Ken Abramowitz submitted the following letter to the editor of the Wall St. Journal. The letter has not been published, so we are posting it here:

Letters To The Editor
Wall Street Journal
200 Liberty Street
New York, New York 10281

Dear Editor:

“All John Bolton’s Wars” (8/6) highlighted the “healthy give and take” between the President and National Security Advisor John Bolton.

As both do their best to protect American national security, both must fend off criticism from all sides.

Why?  Because we are under physical and/or cultural attack from enemies (Iran, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS), adversaries (China, Russia), and half friends/half enemies (Turkey, Qatar). All constantly criticize our government, President Trump and John Bolton in particular, because they understand his opinions are critical to protecting the US.

We are all very lucky to have Mr Bolton protecting our country.


Kenneth Abramowitz
Palm Beach, FL




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Kenneth Abramowitz is the President and founder of SaveTheWest.com. Learn more about his professional background and philanthropic efforts at "About Our Founder."


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