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Ken’s Thought of the Week: The Super Bowl and U.S. national security



The Super Bowl was great! Both teams showed up, determined to win. However there was room for only one team to win. The other had to lose.

Well, national security competition is no different.

Numerous countries are fighting on issues, but there is room for only one winner, particularly when one participant is part of Western Civilization and the other is not — namely a dictatorship, or a terrorist organization.

Unfortunately, the key operating strategy of dictatorships is to win, while the key operating strategy of democracies is, sadly, most often, to tie.

Consequently, wars often erupt between democracies and dictatorships, because neither understands each other.

One obvious question is whether America is winning or losing its national security battles.

The Trump administration should be complimented on seeking to win in trade talks with China, and separately with Canada/Mexico and the EU. It is doing reasonably well at containing the aggressive tendencies of Russia.

It has very recently made the decision to win in Venezuela, by supporting regime change.

It is trying to help Israel win in the Middle East.

So far, pretty good! But how is it doing against our number one enemy, Political Islam?

Intelligence agents of the Iraqi special forces conduct identity checks in search Daesh fighters in Mosul, Iraq – November 2017. Reuters

Congratulations for its toughness against ISIS/Al Qaeda.

But what about Iran, the number one terror organization in the world? The Iran deal was repudiated, great! But is the administration containing Iran in Syria? No. In Kurdish areas? No. In Iraq? No. In Afghanistan? No. In Africa? No. In Latin America? No. In its worldwide narco-terrorism operations? No.

Is there a strategy to contain the Muslim Brotherhood (financed by Turkey and Qatar) abroad or in the US? No.

So, in spite of numerous wins, the administration gets a grade of only “incomplete”.

Let’s look forward to a decision to defeat Political Islam, so we look like the Patriots and not the Rams!

Ken Abramowtiz


Citizens For National Security