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Ken’s Thoughts of the Week: Key unsaid immigration issues


By Ken Abramowitz, founder and president, SaveTheWest.com

Illegal immigrants flood the southern border, families split up, hardships created, fix it, Mr. President!!

The U.S. government is criticized for cruelty and politicians look bad!

Unfortunately, the news media misses the two key issues:

(1) The illegal aliens trying to break through our borders should have the same rights as someone trying to break into your house. They are lucky that U.S. border officers don’t shoot them. They should simply go back home and apply for visas into the U.S. like the other 75% of immigrants do, through the normal processes at their local embassy or consulate.

(2) Who are these illegal aliens anyways? Approximately 400,000 are apprehended at the U.S. border, and perhaps 200,000 get through unnoticed. Again, who are they? I can only guess that 80% are Latin American Christians, seeking better jobs or better safety net benefits than they have in their country of birth. But who are the remaining 20%? Again, I must guess: members of drug trafficking organizations, members of transnational criminal organizations, and members of Political Islam terror organizations. Within the segment financed by Political Islam terror groups, perhaps one-third are cultural terrorists, one third are narco-terrorists, and one third are physical terrorists. Do we know how to separate the 20% from the 80%. Probably not. Therefore, we really should not want any of them to enter in this illegal fashion.

We need a fence/wall along the southern border. We have not realized yet that we also need a fence with Canada too.

Every country has a right and responsibility to protect its border and its culture. We have nothing to apologize for!

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