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Is the US govt releasing Taliban operatives onto US soil? An Afghan immigrant sounds the alarm.


By “Nick,” edited by Jon Sutz

Guest writer “Nick” (identity concealed for security purposes) is a naturalized US citizen, born in Afghanistan, who earned his passage by acting as a translator for US and Coalition forces in his native land. Learn more about “Nick” here. This is the first of a series of articles that Nick will be writing for SaveTheWest, under the banner “Notes From Nick.”

Jon Sutz is the former editor and videographer of SaveTheWest. He is now a contributing writer for the site, and is working to crowdfund a new nonprofit of his own design, ILoveIsrael.

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On deployment, circa 2012.

I was born and raised in Afghanistan and served with America’s most elite warriors and other Coalition forces, on numerous tours of duty.

While helping interrogate suspected Taliban terrorists, I acquired certain knowledge and experience that I wish to share both with my fellow Americans and our government, in the hope of protecting our beloved nation.

In summary, I believe:

(1) That I have observed and documented credible indications that the US government has been
releasing potential Taliban terrorists and supporters
onto American soil, with no way to track their
whereabouts, intentions or activities.

(2) That until this Taliban situation is addressed at the highest levels of our government and corrective measures implemented, we are placing ourselves at grave risk.

(3) That this risk is dramatically increased when one adds the threat across America’s southern border, posed by the unending flow of foreign nationals, 20% of whom are “got-aways,” people who enter without detection and then burrow into our society.

Background: My specialized knowledge and experience

Here is a summary of my service with the US military and Coalition forces, which is how I earned American citizenship:

  • Deployment 1, 2010-2013: With US Navy and Army, serving in Bagram Airfield, Camp Sabalu-Harrison and the Detention Facility in Parwan, until 2013.
  • Deployment 2, 2013-2014: With 3rd Group Special Forces in Jalal Abad city and Tora Bora mountains, located in Pachir Wa Agam district of Nangarhar Province.
  • Deployment 3, 2014-2015: With 3rd Group Special Forces in Charikar province.
  • Deployment 4, 2017-2019: With US Army Counterintelligence Team at Bagram Airfield. Participated in (a) Over 1,500 interrogation and PCASS (Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System) interviews with, bio enrollment of, and investigations into Afghan National Army personnel and Afghanistani locals, and (b) Over 500 “person-of-interest” (POI) interrogations of Afghan National Army officers, generals, soldiers and locals, in many provinces of Afghanistan

Learn more about me, my military service and my background here.

Fall 2021: I became a translator with the Department of Defense to help screen Afghan evacuees

In August 2021, I accepted a contract consulting position with the Department of Defense, to help screen Afghan refugees at a US military base. I performed this work from September 2021 through February 2022, which gave me an up-close and personal opportunity to see, talk to and help evaluate some of the tens of thousands of Afghans who were able to board last-minute flights out of the nation, and ended up at my base.

Like many of my fellow Americans, especially military veterans – and those like me, Afghan natives who (legally) emigrated to the US – I was horrified by the Biden administration’s rushed, incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan. See the first 90 seconds of this short video, and this compilation of TV clips by news organizations and informed commenters, for an overview of why America’s withdrawal is considered a disaster, by people from across the political spectrum.

Why we need to call Afghans who arrived at US military bases “evacuees,” not “refugees”

There is no question that some, if not many of the Afghans who were allowed to board US military transports, amid America’s haphazard, rushed withdrawal from Afghanistan, are indeed “refugees.” This term means civilians who are fleeing a conflict, such as the Ukrainians who are fleeing Russia’s murderous assault.

The simple fact, however, is that there was little or no screening done of the people who boarded those planes, meaning, we have no idea who they are, their backgrounds, or if they are terrorists or not.

That is why I urge us to view the tens of thousands of Afghans who made it to US soil to be referred to as “evacuees,” until we have a reasonable basis on which to believe they mean us no harm.

My experiences and observations at “Fort X”

Until I am granted whistleblower protection, I will only refer to the military installation at which I served from September 2021-February 2022 as “Fort X.”

Here are some notes from my journal, taken during my service at Fort X.


I feel like I’ve walked into a village full of Taliban militants, and their ideological supporters.

The way they dress up, their style and their looks, is horrifying to me.

Here is some pictorial evidence to support my contention. Below is a Taliban terrorist, on the ground in Afghanistan:

And here is a picture I took of one of the evacuees I helped to interview at Fort X:

Many if not most of the refugees I speak to are, by their own admission, not at risk from the Taliban. I know this because I ask them about this, specifically. Often, they respond with laughter, and say something along the lines of, “It was just a free trip, and they let us in, and now we are here.”

The main issue I have is that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other relevant agencies here keep emphasizing that (their words, not mine):

“They (the refugees) are free to leave any day, and anytime they want, without concluding their process.”

These authorities are telling refugees that if they leave before the complete screening procedures are completed, the only thing they will lose is the cash and support benefits they’re eligible for, from the State Department and various NGOs (some of which are funded with US tax dollars).

Other than that, refugees are told that they are welcome to leave. The DHS is dropping them off the Fort X’s main gate – where they are free to walk away, onto US soil.

A lot of families – and most concern to me, single, military-age males – have already left Fort X. To me, this means that the DHS and other relevant agencies are unleashing onto US soil people of completely unknown backgrounds and intents, and in doing so, are putting a lot of innocent American lives at risk.

Then there are the criminals. Just a few days ago, I personally witnessed an adult male sexually harassing a young boy, who I estimate was around 10 years old. (Male child sexual abuse is a little-discussed but very common aspect of Afghan society; see here, here, here, here.) He did this right in front of me, and a military police officer.

The perpetrator was arrested, but was then released about 15 minutes later, after which he was back within the general population of evacuees. I am shocked that the DHS is likely to release individuals like him, or the other Afghan males who engage in this behavior, onto the streets of America.

In another incident, at the donation distribution center at this facility, three adult males of fighting age started cursing at me and others who were wearing US military uniforms, calling us “infidels” and “pigs,” expressed their wish for us to die, and for America to be destroyed.

I reported these incidents and my concerns to supervisors at Fort X, but no action was taken against them, at least to my knowledge.

Because of the irresponsible operating protocols established by our federal government, and implemented at Fort X (and I believe at other US military bases), I believe it is my obligation, as a patriotic US citizen, to speak out, so those in positions of influence and authority can take corrective action to protect the American people.

Conclusion: The corrective actions that must be taken, and my willingness to help

I think the information contained in this article is vital for the American people, and our government, to understand, and investigate, to help protect ourselves from the threat of Taliban terrorism being unleashed on US soil.



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