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Op Ed: “The Multifront War”: A Must Read



By Rachel Avraham

Unless the US Supreme Court steps in to stop the rampant voter fraud in six swing states, Joe Biden could become the next President of the United States, which would be a disaster for Israel, America, and the entire free world. Ken Abramowitz, a senior threat analyst and founder of Save the West, recently wrote a book titled The Multifront War: Defending America from Political Islam, China, Russia, Pandemics and Racial Strife, where he highlighted the threats that America is facing today, from Communist China to Radical Islam to the cancel culture and the coronavirus. Each of these will only get worse if Biden enters the White House with policies built around the appeasement of our enemies.

At a time such as this, his book is a must read for anyone who wishes to understand what the free world is currently dealing with. As Abramowitz noted, “America is fighting World War III. But our leaders do not seem to know it. Moreover, this war is being waged on a multitude of distinct fronts, internal and external. It is a multifront war that we must confront.

Yes, America is racing to combat individual threats with various independent strategies. Yet, it is still not facing them as combined challenges and developing the integrated strategy necessary to prevail in the multifront war that is now devouring and destroying the United States. The nation barely knows that it is fighting for its life simultaneously on multiple fronts. Our elected leaders seem to ignore that the multiple integrated threats we face are but facets of a many-sided menace.” According to Abramowitz, there are ten fronts in America’s multifront war:

1) The Islamic Republic of Iran’s weapons of mass destruction, whose nuclear program may soon be protected by the Russian S-400 air defense system, making it thus even harder for America to confront it;

2) The EU, UN and radical leftists NGOs, who work to delegitimize America and its allies;

3) The chronic under-funding of NATO, which allows for both Russia and political Islam to expand;

4) Iran’s invasion of Latin America and Africa;

5) The ever-expanding Marxism, socialism and anti-Semitism in the United States, much of which has been imported to the US, especially in America’s universities, media and in Hollywood;

6) The Muslim Brotherhood’s radicalization of American Muslims through their mosques as America permits their front groups to also preach to US prisoners;

7) Iranian agentsand ISIS approaching America via its southern border and drug trafficking organizations;

8) The North Korean and Chinese threat;

9) Cyber warfare; and

10) The growing mis-education on US college campuses.

Domestically, The Multifront War notes that the United States is facing Marxists and anarchists who seek to destroy the nation’s heritage through cancel culture. According to Abramowitz, these Marxists and anarchists are working together with China, Russia, and political Islamists to destroy the United States of America. American parents are deprived of the right to receive financial assistance to send their children to Charter Schools that promote Judea-Christian culture. Meanwhile, the Peoples Republic of China has established Confucius Institutes in American public schools merely to indoctrinate the next generation of Americans. Nor are they the only players in town. Speaking at the booking launching of The Multifront War, Sarah Stern, Founder of EMET, declared:

“Public schools have been undermined by foreign nations, chief among them Qatar. There is a study that shows that Qatar has donated two billion dollars to the universities. That is what has been willingly declared. There is $6.5 billion that have not been declared. Also, a lot of money has come down to grades K-12. Qatar claims to teach only Arabic, but nothing is for free and there is a great deal more than Arabic instruction. Our children’s minds should be cherished and not be for sale to the highest bidder.

“Many people have become the new Jews of silence and have lost their courage to take on these challenges. The plight of freedom on American college campuses these days is even worse than it is in K-12. We in America believe that the university should be the marketplace of ideas,” Stern noted.

“However, the far left has had a detrimental effect on our universities and this affects our foreign policy over the long term. Cancel culture withdraws support and cancels institutions after they have done something offensive. It does group shaming. This is mob rule taking over the campuses. A non-tenured professor that is deemed unacceptable risks social isolation and even termination. Many professors have lost out due to the fact that they did not adhere to far left ideology.”

Martin Barillas, author of The Shaken Earth, highlighted how such education has led to the present situation, where the anarchists and Marxists have taken over America’s streets in the name of fighting against fascism. However, he stressed that groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the ones really spreading the terror in America, not the fascists:

“The groups we saw active are stopping people on the street, blockading freeways, and pulling people out of their cars. Social media makes it easier to call out the dogs. If you read the Nation or watch TV, you think that these are merely people who want nothing more than to stop neo-Fascism. But I did not see that in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc.”

Rachel Ehrenfeld, founder of the American Center for Democracy (ACD) concurred: “Over the last twelve years, jokes have been stifled in the West. Our view of ourselves restricted our freedom of speech. Calling Muslims terrorists is denied. Americans are not sent to prison yet for telling jokes, yet they are being canceled. You risk losing your right to free speech. You are risking falling victim to Islamists. We need a reform.”

In his book, Abramowitz documented how protests that began merely because people were rightfully outraged by the death of George Floyd were soon highjacked by Marxists, anarchists and even Islamists, who sought to destroy the entire country: “Quickly, the marchers were subsumed by organized arson, insurrection, looting and infiltration of local governance by calculated anarchic subversion.”

As we speak, both the Reds (Communist statists) and the Greens (radical Islamists) are working in unison to take over America, and this process will be intensified even further under a sympathetic potential Biden administration.Rabbi Yotav Eliach noted that 25 years ago, the Reds and the Greens had nothing to do with each other, but now these groups are working in unison to destroy America:

“The suicide trend of Western Europe is the goal. Ken is sounding the alarm. It is too late for Western Europe. It is not too late for the US. Trump is the dam holding up these values. I hope people will read Ken’s book and see what he is offering. Israel is true to its nationalism, its religious roots, and its democratic traditions. Peace comes through strength, not weakness. The US and other Western countries that are left that want to walk this tight rope should look at Israel. Do not let others dictate this discussion.”

Abramowitz declared: “As a result of September 11, I became a Security Threat Analyst. That was around 20 years ago. How do we confront new threats? How did these threats arise? Are they domestic, foreign or both? What are the implications for Israel and Europe? I answered all these questions in The Multifront War. We must restore America once again to be a proud prosperous society that maintains its leadership in the free world. It is a summary of good versus evil. What are democracies and dictatorships doing? What can America do to confront its enemy?

“Just because bad guys are in Turkey, China, and Iran does not mean that they stay there. They use and infect social media, the mainstream media, and the universities. They are determined to win at all costs. The ends justify the means. They use proxy militias like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, which are given direction from China, Russia and to a lesser extent, Iran.

“The country is very confused and must shift. We need sustained good policies on multiple fronts to fix the numerous areas that are rotting. We need to implement new policies. TheReds and Greens spent 50 years invading the country. We cannot afford to spend 50 years to get ourselves out of our barracks!”

Source:The Multifront War



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Rachel Avraham is a political analyst working for the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy, Research, Public Relations and Human Rights, which is run by Mendi Safadi, a former Likud Candidate for the Knesset and a former chief of staff of former Israeli Communication Minister Ayoob Kara. Since 2012, she has been working as an Israel-based journalist and writer, covering Iran, Kurdistan, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and other developments in the greater Islamic world. Her articles have appeared in the Washington Times, the Hill, Front Page Magazine, the Daily Wire, the Christian Post, the Baltimore Jewish Times, the Jerusalem Post, Israel Hayom, Ahval and many other publications across the globe. She received her MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Ben-Gurion University. She got her BA in Government and Politics with minors in Jewish Studies and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Maryland at College Park.