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Op-Ed: Will this election be the end of American democracy?



By Rachel Avraham

In a recent special national security webinar with Save the West Founder, threat analyst,  and author of The Multifront War, Ken Abramowitz, compared what is going on currently in the US to the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia:

“100 years later, the Bolshevik strategy is alive and well. In my book, I took different issues and connected the dots, which is why I called it “The Multifront War”. When you put it together, there are six forms of warfare: physical war, cultural war, economic war, legal war, demographic war, and cyber war. If you multiply them each by 10 ‘bad guys,’ we are fighting 60 battles simultaneously. We abide by normal rules, but we deal with enemies that don’t follow normal rules.”

While Abramowitz noted that the CIA, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security are not communicating with each other like they should, the Reds (communist, statists) and the Greens (radical Islamists) have united on all fronts in order to destroy American society as we know it: “The Reds and Greens have declared war on us. We have to act like we are on in a state of war, even if we do not want to announce it.”

According to Abramowitz, the struggle between Reds and Greens and Western civilization is ancient, with the struggle between dictatorships and democracy dating back to antiquity: “We have a 1,400 year war with political Islam since Islamists declared war on Jews, Christians, and Hindus. And 200 years ago, Marxists declared war on capitalists.”

He stressed that the Reds and Greens hate America for its Judeo-Christian culture and its Constitution, which is based on the rule o f law: “They don’t like the rule of law for it constrains them, so they cannot steal.They want to destroy the Judeo-Christian tradition and the rule of law, so that they can take all the power and steal all the money.”

For Abramowitz, America’s greatest enemy is Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who are both backed by the Reds and Greens domestically: “We are importing European anti-Semitism. The Muslim Brotherhood exists in America and mis-educates children and prisoners. We have cultural terror organizations, financed by the George Soros Open Society Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and numerous other foundations. We have Iran, Hezbollah, and ISIS invading us from the south. We have cyber enemies such as China, Russia, North Korea, among others. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) declared war on America with COVID. They purposely let people fly abroad and let those tourists infect the rest of the world. The Chinese government are very smart at being evil. They gave us the problem and now they want to save us. The bad guys are brilliant at the multifront war.”

However, to Abramowitz’s chagrin, America is not united in confronting these threats: “The bad guys have a better understanding of the multifront war. They call it intersectionality. The bad guys see the whole picture, but we don’t.”

Abramowitz emphasized that as we speak, America is fighting to pursue “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” as engrained in the American Constitution. However, he noted that the good guys are not doing enough to protect us: “The domestic security agencies are focused on domestic hoax crimes. They were indirectly working with bad guys, so Trump would be in a straight-jacket.” Abramowitz is greatly concerned that the Democrat control of the voting machines in certain states has led to massive electoral fraud.

As Israeli author Barry Shaw noted in one of his recent articles, “According to a Pew study, millions of dead people are on voter rolls, and an awful lot are still voting. Maybe they left their mail with someone to vote for them. COVID was the excuse for mail-in voting and a lot of dead people are taking advantage of the relaxation in absentee ballots and mail-in voting. Almost all of them are in swing states.

“Rosemary Hoddle got an unsolicited ballot. Rosemary was an elementary teacher, described as a fun-loving person. She died, but her ballot arrived. Somebody found it and voted for her. Henry Gionta died 2012. Voted 2020. Mary Weisser died 2012. Voted 2020. Norine Lucas died 2009. Voted 2020. Walter Hoak died 2020. Voted 2020. Joseph Barbano died 2008. Voted 2020. Kristin Rehnberg died 2011. Voted 2020. Thomas Sullivan died 2006. Voted 2020. John Granahan died 2019. Voted 2020. There are thousands of other examples but the New York Times, Democrat election officials, the DNC, all insist there is nothing to see here.”

As the Heritage Foundation, which has been monitoring electoral fraud in the United States, stressed, “It is important to remember that every fraudulent vote that is cast invalidates the vote of an eligible voter. We have many close elections in this country, and plenty of people stand to gain financially or through increased access to powerful figures who have incentives to cheat, as well as some individuals who just want to provide a boost to their preferred candidate. Americans deserve to have an electoral process that they can trust and that protects their most sacred right, and they have the right to know when the integrity of that process is imperiled.”

“If Biden becomes president through massive voter fraud, then the Democrats will control the votes forever,” Abramowitz proclaimed. “This may be the end of democracy. America is fighting for its life. It is a fight between democracy and dictatorship, good and evil. Black Lives Matter is a communist Marxist group that is anti-black. They call for the abolition of the African American family. They are saying all children should be brought up by Marxists rather than two parents, and they seek to educate them to be Marxists. This is anti-black. They are also anti-Jewish, anti-white, anti-Asian, anti-everything. Trump has to use every legal means to win.”

Nevertheless, Abramowitz noted that foreign countries controlled the voting machines in America: “The fact is that the machines had software going to other countries. This is banana republic stuff. The CIA was complicit.”

However, Abramowitz noted that Trump does not really have anyone to count on to enforce the rule of law: “They had phony machines and phony software and the security agencies did not alert him. There were foreign agents involved, who got directions from China and Russia. The police were not there when Antifa and Black Lives matter showed up at a Trump rally. Obama and Biden were planning this coup five years ago. China is meddling in this election as well, particularly with Black Lives Matter and the cancel culture. They are using Maoist tactics. We must move more production out of China and back to the US. We must make sure they abide by the rules.”

Abramowitz declared that Biden is presently getting blackmailed by Russia, China, and the Islamists, and that if Biden wins and the Democrats take over the US Senate, we will have 70 dark years ahead of us, just like Russia suffered for 70 years until the Soviet Union collapsed:

“The legacy to our children will be embarrassing. The leaders of Black Lives Matter are all trained Marxists. If the bad guys win, they will try to cancel the voices of freedom. All the generals that were promoted because of Obama should be forced to resign. They have been ideologically infected. These people should have been fired the day Trump was elected. We are paying for that. Right now, for the next month, the fate of Judeo-Christian society is in the hands of the courts. We are rooting for the lawyers who are doing what they have to do.”

Abramowitz proclaimed that the Democratic Party has been transformed into the Communist Party: “The Communists and Islamists must lie. Nothing they say makes sense. They say we cannot return to work until there is a vaccine and then they say that we cannot take the vaccine if Trump is President. The virus does not care if you are Democrat or Republican. This has been politicized. China decided to go for a regime change in the US and thought COVID could do it. Our government let President Trump down. He is fighting for us with one hand behind his back.”

In order to prepare for the possibility that Trump won’t win in court, Abramowitz called upon President Trump to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, so that Biden won’t be able to enable Iran to build a nuclear bomb: “It is always a good time to attack Iran. It is run by criminals and is an evil regime. If he does not do it, Israel will be stuck with the job. It could be that the Jews end up saving Western civilization, if the West refuses to protect itself.”


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