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How disastrous was Biden’s trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia?

“When you display weakness, the bad guys get all excited. . . . The irony is that in a democracy, we pride ourselves on not being trigger happy. But the way to avert war is to be tough."

Op-Ed: The New Axis of Evil: Iran, China, Russia and North...

This unholy group of countries have declared war on democracy. None of our leaders of either party want to admit that we are in World War III, or the existential threats America faces.

Op-Ed: Are We Facing World War III?

America has the same problem as Israel, with members of the Congress (like members of the Knesset) who try to destroy the values of the country from within. Both the US and Israel need to rid their governments of those who would destroy the countries from inside.

Op-Ed: Which Middle Eastern Nations Sacrifice Their Own People?

. By Rachel Avraham   Throughout history, numerous nations were known to sacrifice their own people in cruel and barbaric manners. Ken Abramowitz, Founder of Save the...

Op-Ed: How Israel’s election differed from America’s!

"if the average Israeli understood the threat posed by the Biden administration, Netanyahu would have easily been able to form a coalition." But he didn't. And here's why.

Op Ed: “The Multifront War”: A Must Read

The nation barely knows that it is fighting for its life simultaneously on multiple fronts. "The Multifront War" is a must read for anyone who wishes to understand what the free world is currently dealing with.

Op-Ed: Will this election be the end of American democracy?

100 years later, the Bolshevik strategy is alive and well and living in America. A review of a podcast by Ken Abramowitz on the implications of hte 2020 elections.

Op-Ed: This election is about America’s cultural survival

A close look at the culture war that is raging in America that make this election the most important one in modern history.