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So sorry we won (not!)



Erez WinnerSaveTheWest.com contributor writer Erez Winner spent 25 years in the Israel Defense Forces, and retired as a colonel.

In this essay, he analyzes the recent Israeli election, the reasons behind Netanyahu’s stunning, decisive victory against all the predictions and work of the “objective” media, pollsters, and hired political operatives from the USA.

The election that recently ended in Israel was a classic example of the struggle waged by the West for its survival. Israel, the West’s outpost in the Middle East and the eastern border of Western Civilization, is constantly under attack by international leftist organizations, terror organizations and the United Nations and its related institutions.

In recent months, these attacks very much intensified. These same sources identified the centrist government led by PM Benjamin Netanyahu as the only one who can stop their plan to marginalize and, ultimately, defeat those who are trying to defend Western values. Therefore, they activated a high budget and sophisticated system to bring down the Netanyahu government.

Against Netanyahu were dozens of organizations and entities from all kinds of names, but all under the same goal – to remove him from office and bring to power someone who would be more cooperative in their goal to weaken the forces that are fighting the war against political Islam.  The endless funding sources of those bodies came according to some reports, from the US government and European governments, left extremists, NGOs abroad, and even Arab funds.  They almost succeeded in this anti-democratic process. Attempts to bring the issue into the public consciousness and deal with the legal aspects were unsuccessful, since the majority of the media in Israel and many people of the attorney’s office support these ideas.

They believe that in order to promote their defeatist attitudes, it is essential to move Benjamin Netanyahu out of the way.

(Photo: EPA)
Code Pink, March 2, 2015 (Photo: EPA)

To illustrate the problem, one can look back and re-examine the media campaign, in Israel and in the United States, against Netanyahu’s recent speech to the U.S. Congress. What contempt and threats were leveled against him, if only he dared to come and speak — and he dared!

Netanyahu said in his speech two truths that were simple and clear:

(1) Iran is the number one exporter of terrorism that threatens the stability of the world, and a nuclear Iran will make it worse.

(2) It is better to live without an agreement than with a bad one.

These truths brought him to a head-on collision with the Obama administration that wishes to complete the agreement so that they could avoid dealing with the problem that is stretched outside the responsibility of the Administration.  Furthermore, the Administration wants to get the Iranians to fight Isis in Iraq, in its place.  Netanyahu’s speech kept the key issues on the agenda and largely prevented the administration’s plan to sweep it under the carpet, and sign a bad agreement in secret.

Following the speech, if not a direct continuation of it, French President Holland, also declared his opposition to the agreement being formulated. A large group of legislators from Congress (360 of them, Republican and Democratic alike), have submitted a letter to President Obama calling him to bring the agreement in front of the Senate, for its approval.

There is no doubt that the results of the Israeli elections were received by the White House as a big disappointment.  With a year and a half left in Obama’s term as President, he can certainly make life difficult on the Israeli government, as demonstrated by his conduct in the days after the election. The delay in calling Netanyahu to congratulate him on his election was just the first step. The Administration then announced that it is examining its policy to veto negative proposals against Israel in the UN Security Council and related agencies.

Netanyahu victory 2015
(AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

The Israeli election results reflected that there is significant and determined public in Israel, which is not ready to let someone else think for them and dictate what is right. The result shows that despite the extra funds spilled on the counter-propaganda, and despite the rule of the naïve leftists in the media, common people are still able to understand what is good for them. This independent and vibrant thinking strengthens the hope that by showing a determined stand, we can defend Western values ​​and common sense, in spite of internal and external attacks.

For this to continue to happen, future messages coming from Jerusalem should be clear and unambiguous. No agreement can be reached with a worldwide terror organization like Iran, and crippling sanctions are crucial to preventing the Iranians from developing its nuclear program.  No agreement can be reached with the Palestinian Authority (PA), if it brings terror and missiles to the heart of Israel. Instead, we should say “yes” to an agreement that will allow Arab and Jewish and Christian residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza to live a dignified life.

Since the Obama administration will not change its character, Israel should focus her efforts on the Senate and House of Representatives, as they develop a better understanding of the situation and accept their responsibility to stop bad foreign policy initiatives. These efforts may need to start examining the factors that helped finance the campaign against Netanyahu in the last election….

So what to do?

First: Speak clearly and in a determined manner, so as to not obscure the messages.

Iran nukes
(Photo: AP)

Second: We must create alliances of interests among those who fear a nuclear Iran and the rise of radical Islam – Shiite or Sunni. Such alliances can be created with Egypt, which fears a change of hegemony in the Arab world and struggling against radical Islam in Sinai and Libya. Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Gulf countries also well understand what will be their fate if Iran would gain access to nuclear weapons.

If there is a general lesson to learn from the results of the recent elections in Israel, it is not to stay silent and be afraid to talk.  A rational majority, in Israel and in the US, should not lose its sanity in the face of an irrational media.

We need to find ways to make the voice of reason and common sense to be heard and to not be afraid.