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STW founder’s letter of protest re police charity honoring Sen. Gillibrand



SaveTheWest.com founder Kenneth Abramowitz sent the following letter to the president of the Police Athletic League, a New York charity, to protest the PAL’s plan to honor Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Mr. John Osborn
Police Athletic League, Inc.
34 ½ East 12th Street
New York, New York   10003

Dear Mr. Osborn:

As a long-time PAL supporter, I was shocked to see that you are honoring Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on December 2.  I think it is highly inappropriate to be honoring Senator Gillibrand.  In fact, you should withdraw her invitation to attend for five reasons:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

(1) Her decision to support the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) puts America at existential risk from an illegitimate Iranian government that has promised to kill all Americans, as the agreement guarantees that Iran will be able to make nuclear weapons within 10-15 years, or even less if it cheats. Yet, she has never read the still-secret IAEA-Iran inspection protocol.

(2) The agreement is immoral and unethical, as it provides $150 billion to the #1 State sponsor of terrorism.

(3) In fact, the agreement should be illegal, as it provides material support for terrorism, which is a crime in this country.

(4) For pure political purposes, she has chosen to sacrifice the welfare of all New York residents, who will be at existential risk from the Iranian nuclear program. She has also broken her vow as a Federal public official to protect U.S. citizens.

(5) She even voted in the Senate to not allow a proper debate on the JCPOA and its existential threat to NY State and America.

The policies of her intellectual predecessor, Neville Chamberlain, directly led to the death of 60 million people during World War II.  There is absolutely no reason to honor a present day Neville Chamberlain, like Senator Gillibrand, whose policies will lead to the proliferation of nuclear weapons for professional terror organizations such as Iran.

As a replacement, please stay away from similarly disloyal, reckless, and immoral Senators like Cory Booker, Chris Murphy, and Richard Blumenthal.  Instead, you should invite someone like Senator Schumer or Senator Menendez or Senator Cardin or Senator Manchin, or any of the 54 Republican Senators who loyally chose to stand with both the people of their State and all those who live in America.

Kenneth Abramowitz

Cc:  Sen. Gillibrand
Sen. Booker
Sen. Blumenthal
Sen. Schumer
Sen. Menendez
Sen. Murphy
Sen. Cardin
Sen. Manchin
R. Morgenthau
R. McGuire
J. Catsimatidis