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Ten vital facts about the refugee crisis that every American should...

A special report that arms Americans with crucially-important facts concerning the refugee crisis, and reveals the dangerously incorrect perceptions that are being mass-propagated.

Senate Democrats: “Filibuster is BAD! (Unless we’re using it)”

Senate Democrats have claimed the American people deserve a full, open debate on legislation, and an up-or-down vote. Regarding the Iran treaty "deal," however... well... not. A study in egregious hypocrisy.

Retired military leaders: Iran is nuclear NOW

Two retired senior American military leaders assert that contrary to what we have been told, Iran already possesses at least one nuclear device, and it's only a matter of time before it is detonated.

How bad is the Iran “deal”? Let us count the ways...

From SaveTheWest.com founder Kenneth Abramowitz, a two-part post: "7 Key Implications of US-Iranian Agreement," and "16 Reasons Why the Iranian Deal is Unethical."

How bad is the Iran “deal”? Let us count the ways...

This essay by SaveTheWest founder Kenneth Abramowitz highlights some more of the vital, substantive, verifiable reasons why this "deal" must be rejected by Congress.

It depends on what the meaning of “viability” is

The State Dept. recently asked a U.S. judge to not force the Palestinian Authority to start paying victims of its terrorism, because it may risk its "viability" as a government. But what is its definition of "viability"?

How you can help save terrorized Yazidi girls

How many times in life do you have the chance to save a terrorized, enslaved young girl? This is one. Please help a courageous businessman to liberate ISIS-enslaved Yazidi girls.

Hate Crimes In America report

Are more hate crimes perpetrated against Muslims or Jews in America? This SaveTheWest.com special infographic report reveals the truth, and challenges long-established perceptions.

15 reasons why Iran is an existential threat to the West

SaveTheWest founder Ken Abramowitz explains the unprecedented threat that Iran represents to the U.S., Europe, Israel, and other Western Nations, and especially to Christians and Jews.

[UPDATED] Why does MSN News spread anti-Semitic propaganda?

This special report documents incidents in which MSN News has published an array of vicious anti-Israel propaganda and libels, most of which are rooted in anti-Semitism.