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How bad is the Iran “deal”? Let us count the ways (Part 3)



America’s “peace partners.”

This is part of an ongoing series of posts that point out the substantive reasons why the Iran “deal” (text here) is a travesty, and must be opposed. See Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

This is not a right-wing or left-wing issue. It is an issue that may well determine the fate of Western civilization, and more acutely, whether this “deal,” left to stand, will be the direct cause of World War III.

12 Pitfalls Inherent In The US-Iranian Nuclear “Agreement”

By Kenneth Abramowitz, founder of SaveTheWest.com

(1) The Agreement releases $150 billion of assets for the Iranian Government terror organization, dramatically strengthening this illegitimate regime, which itself is an enemy of the Iranian people.  The Agreement incorrectly assumes that Iran is run by normal, rational, honest leaders with Western values, who can be trusted!  The P5+1 express an “desire to build a new relationship with Iran,” but Iran expresses no desire to reciprocate.

(2) Iran is not required to disclose Possible Military Dimensions (PMD) of previous nuclear weapons activities. Inspection soil samples of such sites are to be provided by the Iranians.  Inspection visits can be delayed by 24 days, minimizing the ability to find illegal activities.  Access to undeclared sites will be adjudicated by a Joint Commission, with a vote of 5 out of 8 members (ie the US is no longer in control of its own national security).  A “Roadmap for Clarification” of past PMD outstanding issues are to be reassessed by December 16, 2015, but no funds are held back in escrow until then.  The agreement subverts the future of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

irannuke-h(3) Sanctions relief does not “snap back” for new investments that are made before the Agreement inevitably falls apart.

(4) Nuclear facility inspections are made by the UN’s IAEA, on which no Americans are allowed to sit.  IAEA monitoring of centrifuges expires in 15 years.  The secret agreement between the IAEA and Iran has not been made public, yet it directly effects American national security and Congress is not allowed to review it.

(5) Numerous elements of the Agreement are required of the US/P5+1, but are only voluntary for the Iranians.

(6) The two sides do not 100% agree on their relative responsibilities to uphold the Agreement, thereby guaranteeing numerous conflicts and threats.  Disagreements are supposed to be “resolved” by “consensus.”

(7) No curbs are placed on Iran’s worldwide terror operations throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America (in violation of the Monroe Doctrine).

(8) The US is obligated to provide “peaceful” nuclear technology to Iran and physically protect those sites.

(9) Restrictions on nuclear weapons activities are phased out over 5-25 years, as are conventional weapons trafficking (5 years) and ICBM development (8 years).  For example, Iran can reprocess spent fuel in 15 years and can build a heavy water plant in 15 years and can develop uranium ore concentrate plants in 25 years.

(10) No easy mechanism is available to stop minor violations, without ending the Agreement.

(11) The US government commits itself to stop any of the individual 50 states from passing their own sanctions on Iran.

(12) Iran can easily withdraw from the Agreement in 1-2 years, after pocketing the sanctions relief.

UPDATE Sept. 2, 2015 11:30am: Sen. Mikulski (D-MD) became the crucial 34th Democrat to announce she will vote to support this deal, thus apparently giving President Obama the 1/3+1 minority necessary to sustain his anticipated veto of the bill to disapprove this treaty.  If things proceed as they appear they will, this US action is expected to trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East among other Muslim nations that will seek to check Iran’s dramatic leap forward in its ability to produce nuclear weapons, and the cash to continue supporting its terrorism around the world.