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The Lessons of Kristallnacht – Ken’s Thought of the Week

Anti-Semitism has been growing at an alarming rate around the world, and in the United Nations. When anti-Semitism goes unpunished, it always leads to violence, first against Jews, and then against Christians. This must stop now!

The West Bank Elite Lives in Luxury: “LET THEM EAT CAKE”

. By Rachel Avraham In series of photos that Israeli human rights activist Kay Wilson displayed on Facebook several years ago, the living conditions within the...

How to prevent “America’s race riots” from spreading further in Israel...

Are the violent riots in the US a forecast of what we can expect in Israel? How to avoid it? Here are 9 ways that may make a difference.

Lies, Slander, Distortions, False Narratives Proliferating, but Must be Challenged: Ken’s...

This week, Ken and STW editor-videographer Jon Sutz identify and debunk ten false narratives pertaining to America's cultural cohesion and national security.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: A comprehensive peace plan for the...

This week, Ken submits a framework for a workable Middle East peace plan that addresses not only the immediate concerns, but a broader network of considerations that will enable it to be sustainable.

Ken’s Thought Of The Week: Help the poor Palestinian refugees now!

This week, SaveTheWest.com founder and president Ken Abramowitz explains why President Trump was correct to cut off U.S. taxpayer funding of the UNRWA, which has been helping to indoctrinate and militarize Palestinian children.

Debunking UNRWA’s “Palestinian refugee” numbers

In a tour de force expose, SaveTheWest.com contributor Sam Solomon demolishes the myth upon which so much of the United Nations Relief Works Agency's (UNRWA) "work" is premised: "to carry out direct relief and works programmes for Palestine refugees" -- a mission articulated in 1949.