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Threat Analyst Ken Abramowitz is author of “The Multifront War

Editor: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, President, American Center for Democracy (ACD)

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The Golden Calf story is the best-known section of the weekly portion of the Torah Ki Tisa, Exodus 30:11 (Hebrew- כִּי תִשָּׂא – Translation: When You Take) that Jews read during prayer services last week. The story describes Moses ascending Mt. Sinai to receive the stone tablet with the 10 Commandments from G-d, which took more than 40 days. The waiting Israelites became impatient, created a Golden Calf, and worshiped the idol.

They broke with Jewish history and tradition in three ways:

1) They rejected the rule of law (Torah)

2) They rejected the G-d of the Jews (Hashem).

3) They abandoned their leader, Moses (Regime change).

This insurrection 3,300 years ago was put down when Moses returned and shattered the Tablets. The enraged Moses then ordered the grinding of the Golden Calf into powder, mixed it with water, and forced the Israelites to drink it. He then asked the tribe of the Levites for help in punishing the insurrectionists. After 3,000 were killed, the revolt was over. The Israelites progressed on their way to the “Promised Land.”

While this story is ancient history, we at Save The West argue that the concept of the Golden Calf is alive today in what used to be “Western Civilization.” The main difference is that the yellow color symbolizing the Golden Calf has been changed to Red, Green, and Blue.

Let us explain: today’s enemies can be color-coded as follows:

1) The Reds are the communist/totalitarian regimes of China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela, among others. The Red war began in 1917 when the communists illegally took over Czarist Russia, followed by China in 1949.

2) The Greens are the Islamist countries: Shiite Iran and the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood supporting countries of Qatar, Turkey, and others. The Green war began 1,400 years ago when Muhammad and his followers illegally invaded 55 nations, from Morocco to Indonesia, including many Christian countries.

3) The Blues are the globalist organizations such as the UN and its agencies, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the EU, and freedom-of-speech suppressing social media companies. The Blue war started in 1923 with the establishment of the unelected League of Nations.

These countries, elitist entities, and unelected organizations are conducting a war – we call it “World War III” – on 50% of the world’s population who live in democracies.

1) They generally reject the rule of law and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights in particular.

2) They reject democracy and elected governments

3) They reject the Judeo-Christian concept of G-d. Instead, they seek to replace him.

4) They believe the 10% elitists should rule over 90% of the population.

5) The elitists believe that their “ends justify their means” in gaining power.

During the 3,300 years since the Golden Calf, legal and political progress shaped Western Civilization. Yet now we find ourselves back at the beginning, fighting to maintain our civilization as today’s globalists, dictators, and totalitarians are trying to erase our historic democratic successes of managing ourselves, by ourselves, and for ourselves!

Where is our Moses?


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