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Who benefits from the lies being spread about the “caravans,” and US border & immigration enforcement?



Imagine if you received credible information that a group of people from several towns over — which is notorious for criminal activity, violent street gangs, and rampant drug use — were organizing a march, with the stated intent of gaining access to your home, and that nothing you could say or do would deter, or stop them.

Now, imagine that after alerting your local government and newspaper about this issue, you’re told by them that you have no legitimate reason to be concerned about, or to oppose the marchers — that they are peaceful victim who share your values, whom you must accept them into your home.  And further, that anyone who rejects or is suspicious of them is a racist, xenophobe, and possibly a neo-Nazi.

How would you react?

This is essentially the position into which rational, informed Americans are being placed, by many influential actors in our governmental, news media, Hollywood, and “social justice” activism communities.

Your “home” is the United States of America. One of your property lines is the U.S. southern border. The “towns” in question are Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala — and citizens of other nations who happens to have relocated to any of them.  While the people constituting the “caravans” headed for our border may well include some peace-seeking, honest victims of the situations in those nations, as we’re about to learn, among them is are known and undetectable:

  • Criminal illegal aliens who have been deported once, twice or even ten or more times
  • Members of ultra-violent street, drug-trafficking and rape gangs
  • Serial sexual predators, who have raped or extracted sexual favors from women and girls of these nations, in exchange for their assistance in reaching and/or illegally entering U.S. territory

Further, credible documentation shows that:

  • At least some of the marchers may be radical Islamists (Muslim supremacists), and Islamist terrorists, from as far away as Iran and Bangladesh
  • Their sponsors deliberately placed them on Latin American soil for the purpose of immersing themselves in Hispanic culture, language and mannerisms, so that even if they are caught trying to illegally enter the U.S., they are not identifiable for who (and what) they really are
  • America’s most influential “news” venues know, or should know these basic facts and probabilities, yet have refused to report on them
  • Manufactured or help spread the incendiary lies about the issue, to vilify anyone who attempts to expose the reality, and deter others who may consider doing so

This report present the evidence that supports these allegations, and upon that foundation, helps to answer the title question:

Who benefits from the lies being spread about the “caravans”?

It’s an interesting question, because the answer helps to frame the issues concerning the “caravans” in a very, higher different context than what is being reported.

Let us frame the question as an analogy to a football game. The objective of the game is to score as many points by getting the ball into the opposing team’s end zone. To achieve this, the Quarterback transfers the ball to a Receiver (or running back), who attempts to run it into the end zone. The players who run alongside the receivers, and protect them from being tackled by opposing team members, are called Offensive Guards.

Offensive Guard #54 is preventing #30 from tackling the Receiver.

Returning now to America’s border situation, those who manufacture and/or help spread the lies concerning it can be considered “Offensive Guards.”

But who are they guarding — whether they even know it or not? Or, put another way, who are the beneficiaries of what they are preventing the American public from learning about?

Here are a few of the well-documented beneficiaries. The links will take you pages containing extensive documentation to validate these allegations:

Islamist terrorists

U.S. authorities have known since soon after the 9/11 attacks that the world’s largest state sponsor of Islamist terrorism, Iran, and many other terrorist groups, had been infiltrating Central and South America. Their main purposes are to generate revenues through drug trafficking, and immerse their operatives in Hispanic language, culture and mannerisms, so that when they attempt to infiltrate the U.S. border, even if they are caught, our law enforcement agencies will be unlikely to detect who or what they really are.

Previously-deported criminal illegal aliens

Woman & child sex traffickers

Violent criminal gang members

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