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The Huffington Post: Ground Zero of the Alt-Left’s Hate Speech, Incitement, Racism and Anti-Semitism


By Jon Sutz and Kenneth Abramowitz

“It is not he who prints, but he who pays for printing a slander, who is its real author.”

– Thomas Jefferson

(1) Executive summary

(2) Background: Advertisers’ and social media companies’ growing efforts to avoid even the appearance of enabling purveyors of hate speech

(3) About the Huffington Post, and its claims of being a professional, nonpartisan newspaper

(4) The reality: HuffPost is demonstrably the opposite of everything it claims; A sampling: “HuffPost’s Greatest Hits”

(5) HuffPost’s deception of advertisers was reportedly part of its original operating blueprint

(6) CASE STUDIES 1: Hate speech; inciting and justifying political violence; racism; anti-Semitism

(7) CASE STUDIES 2: X-rated pornography; objectifying and degrading women, and defaming and endangering the LGBT community

(8) Our letter to twenty of HuffPost’s top advertisers

(9) HuffPost advertiser contact directory


(A1) Directory of resource pages containing the source data upon which this report is based

(A2) SaveTheWest’s video documentaries on HuffPost’s betrayal of its publicly-stated standards and practices

(1) Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to publicly provide the chief executives of major U.S. corporations that advertise at the Huffington Post with extensive documentation to prove that, contrary to its claims that it is a completely nonpartisan, professional news organization, it has been engaging in a long-term pattern of behaviors that conflict with these corporations’ stated values — and worse. These behaviors include:

Hate speech: HuffPost publicly claims that it is a “safe space” and does not tolerate “hate.” In reality, HuffPost systematically engages in a wide variety of hate speech against its political enemies, primarily:

♦ Republicans

♦ American police officers

♦ Members of U.S. military and intelligence services

♦ Israel and Jews

HuffPost routinely constructs “news” stories that dehumanize and vilify these groups and people within them, based on demonstrable lies, egregious distortions or half-truths, which it then frames behind apocalyptic, inflammatory, conspiracy-laden shock headlines, that obliterate the line between “news” and opinion.  It then either ignores, or viciously attacks anyone who substantively challenges the narrative it has crafted. These acts and omissions can collectively only have the effect of inciting hatred against its political enemies, and thus, set the stage for its next shocking behavior:

Incitement and justification of political violence: Atop the foundation of its hate speech and lies, HuffPost has published materials that explicitly incite and justify the use of violence against its political enemies — then routinely ignores or whitewashes physical assaults that occur against them.  Notably, it does this while at the same time giving top coverage to alleged hate crimes against those in its favored groups, and even works to falsely legitimize fake hate crimes against them, thus pouring gas on the fire of public hatred and false perceptions that it helped to create in the first place.

Racism: In both its U.S. edition and others around the world, HuffPost has published materials that explicitly blames all of our culture’s problems on one race.  It also applies an egregious double-standard to reporting hate crimes, often based on the race of the victim, or the perpetrator.  Most recently, HuffPost gave nineteen straight days of front page coverage to a “report” that claims white right-wingers pose the #1 terror threat to America.  While such groups do indeed engage in terrorist activities, and should be exposed and opposed at every level, it is radical Islamists and radical leftists — two of HuffPost’s “favored groups” — that perpetrate the vast majority of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, as a special report we produced demonstrates.

Anti-Semitism: HuffPost has long incited hatred against Jews and Israel, while ignoring or downplaying hate crimes and terrorism against them, while whitewashing and even legitimizing terrorist narratives.  Major Jewish organizations and watchdogs including the ADL, AJC and CAMERA have exposed these facts.  At the same time, HuffPost aides and abets radical Islamists, by but ignoring or whitewashing their threats, incitement and terrorism against Jews (and others), while giving top coverage to defamatory, articles about Israel and Jews that it knows are based on lies or egregious distortions.

This report also contains detailed evidence of HuffPost engaging in behaviors that we believe will shock mainstream advertisers to learn they’ve been financially enabling:

X-rated pornography: HuffPost has regularly posted X-rated, graphic pornography on its front page, with no age restrictions of any kind, to prevent children from accessing it.

Female degradation and exploitation: This includes posting pictures of nude, submissive females, chained to their “masters,” and a steady pattern of gratuitous items that focus on vaginas.  And as in the case of

Defamation and endangerment of the LGBT community: While HuffPost claims to be a champion for the LGBT community, it posts materials that depict its members in offensive, demeaning ways, while ignoring or whitewashing the #1 threat to their safety and lifestyles: Islamic fundamentalism.  In fact, HuffPost shields imams who are notorious for claiming that Muslims must murder homosexuals — in sermons on U.S. soil, captured on video – from being exposed, and held to public account for their actions, while at the same time falsely blaming Christians for inciting anti-LGBT violence, including even after the ISIS-inspired Pulse nightclub massacre.

Lastly, this report provides credible indication that HuffPost’s systemic deception and betrayal of its advertisers was apparently “baked into” its founding, operational blueprint. Specifically, and by design, HuffPost surrounds its hyper-partisan content with generic items, in order to camouflage its ultimate purpose, as stated in that blueprint: to remake the Democratic Party “from the outside in” into a hyper-leftist, winning electoral and cultural force.

This report is being submitted simultaneously to (a) the chief executives of twenty of HuffPost’s biggest corporate advertisers, and (b) the general public. The producers of this report hope that it will cause HuffPost’s behaviors to be examined in the light of day, and that its financial enablers — its advertisers — will recognize how their values and trust have been deliberately betrayed, on a massive scale, over a long period of time.

Jon Sutz: Researcher, writer, designer

Ken Abramowitz: Executive producer

January 2018

Please direct questions and comments to info@savethewest.com or on our Comment Page.

(2) Background: Advertisers’ growing efforts to avoid even the appearance of enabling purveyors of hate speech

What is “hate speech”?  Few people can define it, or agree on how it should be defined.  It is for this reason that SaveTheWest.com compiled numerous legal and dictionary definitions of “hate speech” — and how HuffPost defines it — onto one page.  We submit that based on that collection, the following is a simple, rational definition of “hate speech”:

Expressions that vilify, dehumanize and/or incite hatred or violence against a specific group of people, based on their race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or other common attribute.

Many major U.S. corporations, including AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Kelloggs, Pepsi and others have recently begun to closely monitor the media vehicles in which they advertise, or in which they are considering advertising, to ensure that they are not sponsoring anything that could reasonably be considered as hate speech.  It does not matter to these corporations whether the offensive content is created by the media vehicle, or whether it fails or refuses to remove such content, after being advised of its presence.  In both cases, these corporations are refusing to allow even a chance that their advertisements will appear either atop, next to, or in the case of video, before or after such content.

Even the biggest media entities, such as Google and YouTube, are not immune from this policy, as they recently discovered when major U.S. advertisers severed their relationships with them, upon learning that their ads were appearing to sponsor hate speech and even terrorist materials, which remained posted even after complaints had been filed:

YouTube recently began implementing filters to give advertisers the ability to identify specifically which types of videos they do not want to support, or seem to be supporting.

UPDATE, December 18, 2017: Twitter began closing right-wing accounts — and even monitoring users’ activities off-line — in part, to avoid losing advertisers:

Alt-Right Figures, Neo-Nazis And Britain First Leader Kicked Off Twitter In Long-Anticipated Purge, by Michael Edison Hayden, Newsweek, December 18, 2017.

The ‘Twitter Purge’ Nazi reckoning has begun. Here are the rules, by Kerry Flynn, Mashable, December 18, 2017.

(3) About the Huffington Post, and its claims of being a professional, nonpartisan newspaper

HuffPost’s New York “news” room. It reportedly employs more journalists, editors and support staff than any news organization in America.


The Huffington Post (“HuffPost”), which went live in May 2005, was founded and edited by Arianna Huffington. HuffPost is now the #1 most-popular political website in the world. It is owned by AOL, which in turn is owned by Verizon.

Until 2000, Huffington was a hard-right conservative, and was very close friends with Newt Gingrich. Then, just prior to the 2000 election, she swung to the left. As reported by CNN, according to multiple eyewitnesses, at the 2000 “Shadow Convention” she announced, “I have become radicalized.” Other sources, however, reported that her transition was far deeper than originally reported, and was due to her interaction with leftist billionaire philanthropist George Soros. 

In August 2016, eight months after signing a new contract to remain in her post for five years, Huffington was reportedly forced out of her job, due to a variety of factors. What is not mentioned in these articles is the fact that within the previous five months, SaveTheWest published two documentary videos [1, 2] and a major report that exposed the reality of HuffPost, all of which were delivered to the chairman and CEO of Verizon, HuffPost’s parent company.)

After Huffington’s departure, its new new executive editor and CEO publicly said that their mission is “to build HuffPost into the most impactful news brand in the world.”


As of April 2017, HuffPost claimed it has nearly 200 million readers around the world per month, an estimated 80 million of whom reside within America, making it “the largest news site in the U.S.” One traffic analysis site claims that with its sixteen international editions, HuffPost is now the #1 most-popular political website in the world. It is owned by AOL, which in turn is owned by Verizon.

According to Alexa, as of April 1, 2017, HuffPost was the 51st most popular website in America, and the 203rd most popular in the world.

HuffPost’s repeated claims that it is a completely nonpartisan, professional “news” organization

Since its debut in May 2005, HuffPost’s top executives have publicly insisted that it has absolutely no ideological bias, and is committed only to purely objective, nonpartisan news coverage.  As for opinion items, it has claimed that it welcomes “all viewpoints.”

The following quotes are a sampling from this archive:

Arianna Huffington, Editor-In-Chief of HuffPost from 2005-2016.

“What we’re doing is two things. We do news. I don’t believe news is left wing or right wing. And then we do the group blog, which is going to be a dialogue from all viewpoints.”

Arianna Huffington interview with Newsweek, May 6, 2005

“The Huffington Post has in place rigorous editorial policies and standards, to ensure that we maintain the highest level of journalistic integrity.”

John Montorio, Executive Features Editor
Katie Nelson, National Editor
Danny Shea, Executive Producer, Special Projects
Whitney Snyder, Executive News Editor
November 6, 2014

“The editorial stance of the Huffington Post is to debunk the right-left way of thinking, which has become completely obsolete.”

Arianna Huffington interview with Conde Nast Portfolio, November 14, 2007

“We are increasingly seen as an Internet newspaper, not positioned ideologically in terms of how we cover the news.”

Arianna Huffington interview with Politico, May 22, 2009

“There is an objective reality, and it is the media’s job to present it unequivocally.”

Arianna Huffington blog article, November 28, 2011

“We embrace journalistic values like accuracy, fact checking, and correct punctuation and grammar… I prefer to see what we’re doing as part of a new future, which incorporates the best of traditional journalists and the best of traditional journalists and other writers.”

Arianna Huffington interview with Wired magazine, May 15, 2007

See our detailed archive for more such quotes:

HuffPost’s repeated public claims of nonpartisan journalistic principles

(4) The reality: HuffPost is demonstrably the opposite of everything it claims; A sampling: “HuffPost’s Greatest Hits”

The source documentation for the following [SLIDE SHOW/VIDEO] is contained at this link.  In summary, it presents a sampling of:

(1) Classics from HuffPost’s “family-friendly” front page [CAUTION]: Explicit pornography, homosexual-defaming, misogynistic imagery and headlines — with no child restrictions

(2) HuffPost inciting and justifying violence and domestic terrorism

(3) HuffPost inciting racist hatred

(4) HuffPost inciting hatred against Jews and Israel

(5) HuffPost sympathizing with terrorists, re-branding them and cop-killers as “activists,” and glamorizing a mass murderer’s wife

(5) HuffPost’s deception of advertisers was reportedly part of its original operating blueprint

The following is a condensed version of our detailed documentation on this matter, here.

On the surface, it is impossible to reconcile HuffPost alleged standards and practices, versus the reality of what it has consistently been doing.  Similarly, it is almost impossible to believe that HuffPost’s major advertisers are unaware of these facts.

That is, until one considers an obscure document that was exposed in the context of a major lawsuit against HuffPost’s founders, that revealed its clear, original intent: (a) to become exactly the hyper-leftist propaganda vehicle it became, and (b) to deceive both the general public and its advertisers, in order to do so.

In 2010, shortly after AOL purchased HuffPost, a lawsuit was filed against Arianna Huffington, her former business partner, and HuffPost by two former associates, Peter Daou and James Boyce. In summary, Daou and Boyce alleged that:

  • They had designed the conceptual framework for HuffPost in early 2005, per discussions with Huffington and her partners
  • They were promised that they would profit from any commercial application or sale of the website that would result from it
  • They received nothing from HuffPost’s $315 million sale to AOL, and were told they would not be receiving anything in the future

Daou and Boyce sought $350 million in damages.

During the discovery process, the blueprint that Daou and Boyce alleged Huffington and her partners used to create HuffPost was revealed, and it specifically laid out their original intention to deceive advertisers. As reported by Politico:

[The document] suggests with unusual bluntness a level of disingenuousness that is, perhaps, more common in the partisan media than some are comfortable admitting. […] The site would be, they say:

“[A] Democratic-leaning site with enough non-partisan news as to appear more mainstream than it truly is; this is critical for credibility and advertising revenue.”

The document, called the “1460” blueprint (the number of days between presidential elections), went into far more detail, however, about the hyper-partisan but publicly-undeclared DNA of the site that, Daou and Boyce allege, became HuffPost:

Page 1 of the document explained that the site’s purpose would be to revolutionize the Democratic Party — while concealing this mission from the general public; specifically:

“to use the potential of the Internet to the fullest extent possible to continue the momentum started during the [2004 presidential] campaign and re-organize the Democratic Party from the outside in, not the inside out.”

Pages 4-5 claim the site:

“will contain ‘scoops’ generated by the founders’ contacts with the Democratic Party and the Democratic leadership, and will be a gathering place for Democrats online.”

And on page 6, it asserts the site would create and operate an “inner ring” of seemingly external, leftist partisan activist sites, which the authors stated would:

“… generate traffic, news and profit by serving… the Democratic Party.”

Huffington claimed Daou’s and Boyce’s lawsuit was “laughable,” and she and her partners and their lawyers repeatedly tried, and failed, to get it dismissed. Over the next three years, the case wound its way through the legal process.

After their final defeat in 2014, in which the judge ruled the lawsuit would go to trial, Huffington and her partners paid an undisclosed sum to Daou and Boyce to dismiss the case, via an out-of-court settlement.

All of these facts give strong indication that what HuffPost is today, and has been for years, is not an aberration — but rather, is exactly what its founders originally, secretly intended it to become.


The links below go to dedicated pages that contain detailed case studies showing HuffPost’s behavior in that realm.  The number in parenthesis indicates that total number of case studies on the page.

(6.1) Hate speech (incitement against groups); (85)

(6.2) Lies and deception

(6.3) Inciting and justifying political violence (8)

(6.4) Racism

(6.5) Anti-Semitism

In a particularly notable recent incident, when HuffPost published a headline in its two Arabic editions that claimed a Jew woman murdered the Prophet Mohammed, its management would not even respond to letters and emails by the ADL.


(7.1) X-rated pornography

(7.2) Materials that exploit, objectify and undermine females

(7.3) Materials that defame and undermine the LGBT community





(4.1) HuffPost incites and justifies violence to advance leftist political agendas

(4.2) HuffPost incites racial hatred

The following case studies, which almost invariably appeared on HuffPost’sf front page, are excerpted from our comprehensive archive: “Examples of HuffPost inciting racial hatred”


Details here. From HuffPost’s front page:



Details here.


Details here. And HuffPost has published items by this inciter of racial hatred on its front page for years.



Details here.


Details here. This editorial was based on a wide variety of demonstrably false “facts,” that could only be designed to incite racial hatred. When the falsehoods of this article were pointed out to HuffPost’s editor, she dug in and refused to take it down, claiming that it was “standard feminist theory,” and boasted about how much it was causing the site’s traffic to spike.

(4.3) HuffPost employs hate speech against a variety of targets — mostly its political enemies, but also, American soldiers and police officers

The following slide show contains a small sampling of HuffPost’s hate speech against a variety of targets, including American police officers, soldiers, conservative political figures and organizations, etc. The vast majorit of these shock headlines are based on what HuffPost knew, or should have known were lies, half-truths, or egregious distortions of reality.


(4.4) HuffPost employs an egregious bias in reporting hate crimes, based on the victim’s racial, religious, occupational and political orientation

As described more fully here, HuffPost has established a de facto policy of dividing people into two distinct castes, or groups: those that it favors, and those that it considers worthless:

Favored Groups: Democrats, leftists (including leftist terrorists), left-leaning African-, Hispanic- and Muslim-Americans (including Islamist terrorists), and illegal aliens

Worthless Groups: Republicans, conservatives, active-duty and retired U.S. military and law enforcement personnel (and even the animals in their care), white people, President Trump and his family, presidential electors, any entertainer who intended to perform for Trump’s inauguration, Jews (especially Israelis), and right-leaning African-, Hispanic- and Muslim-Americans

As documented here, HuffPost then gives top coverage only to alleged hate crimes only against people in its favored groups, and even helps to legitimize fake hate crimes against them.

In contrast, the evidence contained in the 120 case studies on this page shows that HuffPost consistently ignores alleged and documented hate crimes against those in the groups it considers worthless, and even videotaped domestic terrorist plots against them. Further, for years HuffPost has consistently incited worldwide hatred of them, especially white people, the U.S. military, police officers, Israel and Jews.

The following are five representative case studies of HuffPost’s pattern of behavior in this regard.

(1) HuffPost completely ignored a 17-year-old boy who was beaten nearly to death by a Black Lives Matter mob because of his Facebook post in support of police officers — but it gave top coverage to a Muslim female who was asked if she has a passport, in a restaurant

On the morning of September 30, 2016, Brian Ogle, a 17-year-old high schooler in Alabama, looked like this:

Within hours, however, he looked like this, in a coma, after he was beaten nearly to death by a mob of between 9 and 60 Black Lives Matter supporters, allegedly because, after a week of shootings of police officers, he posted on Facebook a message supporting American law enforcement officers.

The story of the racially-motivated hate crime that was perpetrated against Brian, and his mother’s anguish, was covered by the Daily Caller and the Washington Post.

SaveTheWest’s documentation, however proves that:

Contrast HuffPost completely ignoring Brian’s story, to the fact that on February 1, 2017, it positioned near the top of its front page a sympathetic story about a Muslim woman who was verbally harassed by a man in a restaurant:

Video Shows Man Harassing Muslim Woman, Asking If She Has A Green Card

This, apparently, HuffPost found to be outrageous, and worthy of its global readership’s attention. But the near-fatal, racially-inspired beating of a 17-year-old boy, over a Facebook post, HuffPost determined to be unworthy of any mention, anywhere on it site.

(2) HuffPost completely ignored the videotaped, racially-motivated violent assault of a white American soldier by a black mob, and whose face was so badly injured that he needed reconstructive surgery — but gave front-page coverage for two days in a row to a several Muslim women who were allegedly spat at, on a train

On September 21, 2016, U.S. Army veteran David Palmer was walking home after a dinner in a North Carolina restaurant, when he was targeted and severely beaten — on video — by a gang of black men, who said they were doing it specifically was of his skin color:

This was David in the hospital, soon after the attack:

As reported by the Daily Caller, David’s family set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the facial reconstructive surgery he needed to recover from this attack.

SaveTheWest’s documentation, however proves that:

HuffPost decided this was front-page “news,” in the days after David’s assault — but mentioned nothing about him.

Further, consider that four months earlier, HuffPost devoted space near the top of its front page for a “news” story to help raise money for a “museum of orgasm sounds” — but completely ignored the fundraiser to help provide the reconstructive surgery for David’s face:

Contrast HuffPost completely ignoring Brian’s story, to the fact that it gave two straight days of front-page coverage (March 8 & March 9, 2016) to a sympathetic story about several Muslim women who alleged — in a Facebook post — that they were spat at, on a train:

Muslim Women Say No One Intervened When Man Attacked Them

AOffended Musilm women 08Mar16As documented here, rather than being an isolated incident, this was just one example of HuffPost’s long-term pattern of dehumanizing American soldiers who are victims of the hate crimes that are perpetrated against them by members of its Favored Groups, and who meet tragic fates for other reasons.

(4.5) HuffPost falsely legitimizes fake hate crime against people in groups it supports — while ignoring actual hate crimes against people (and animals) it views as worthless


(4.6) HuffPost engages in anti-Semitic bias and incitement


(4.7) HuffPost spreads fake news


(4.8) HuffPost employs a hyper-partisan bias to cherry-pick and give top coverage to “news” items that fit its unspoken agenda, then ignores or attacks those who debunk or substantively challenge its narratives

Examples include:


Trump stock market (6/2 latest)

Rachel Wahba


Iran deal

Hillary health

HuffPo Fires Writer Who Questioned Hillary’s Health

(5) CASE STUDIES 2: Smearing and dehumanizing American soldiers and police officers, whitewashing America’s enemies, explicit pornography, gay- and woman-degrading materials, and more

(5.1) HuffPost smears and dehumanizes American soldiers, while whitewashing our enemies

(5.2) HuffPost incites hatred against police officers — then ignores hate crimes against them

(5.3) HuffPost publishes homophobic, gay-defaming headlines, and attacks Christians who denounce homosexuality – but completely ignores explicit incitement of violence against gays by Islamist imams, on U.S. soil, including the one who preached this hate in Orlando, two months before the Pulse nightclub massacre

(5.4) HuffPost publishes explicit, X-rated pornography on its front page, with no age restrictions

(5.5) HuffPost publishes explicit pictures of nude women in degrading submission and bondage situations, on its front page

(5.6) HuffPost obsessively publishes vaginas on its front page

(5.7) HuffPost explicitly advocates and glamorizes cheating on one’s spouse/partner on its front page

(5.1) HuffPost smears and dehumanizes American soldiers, while whitewashing our enemies

The following is a condensation of our detailed documentation page on these matters, here.

Over the past eight years:

  • HuffPost has repeatedly smeared the U.S. military as a whole. It has constructed incendiary headlines that accused members of the US military of perpetrating horrific crimes that it knew, or should have known, were completely untrue, unprovable, or were being depicted in an egregiously decontextualized fashion.
  • HuffPost has repeatedly dehumanized American soldiers. It has ignored American soldiers who were being awarded the military’s highest distinction, the Medal of Honor — in one case, while at the same time, devoting sustained, top-level sympathy on a “homesick American jihadist.” Further, it has ignored service members who were killed in action, or sacrificed themselves to save others, and at least four incidents in which they were victims of violent race-based hate crimes, on U.S. soil.
  • HuffPost has repeatedly undermined the U.S. military, while whitewashing America’s enemies. It has posted “news” stories that provide sympathetic, “humanizing” depictions of Islamist terrorists. This includes one of Al Qaeda’s top scientists, who was developing WMDs for the terror group, and an incident in which it featured a front-page story about “the gentle face of Al Qaeda” — while never showing (or even acknowledging) the “gentle face” of American soldiers.

Examples of HuffPost smearing American soldiers, and the U.S. military as whole

  • HuffPost published a splash front-page headline that graphically depicted U.S. soldiers and intelligence personnel as sadistic, medieval torturers, to support a hyper-partisan report — while ignoring those who had debunked it. See the documentation here.
  • HuffPost published a front-page editorial that alleged one of Al Qaeda’s top assets, a female neuroscientist who was working to develop WMDs for the terror group, had been tortured by U.S. soldiers — two days after she stated, in open court, that this allegation was untrue, and asked her supporters to stop spreading it. See the documentation here.
  • HuffPost published a splash front-page headline that accused U.S. soldiers of using a helicopter gunship to deliberately murder non-combatants in Iraq — then ignored all of the evidence that debunked this lie. See the documentation here.
  • HuffPost gave top coverage to an proof-less claim, by a discredited “journalist,” that American soldiers are murdering civilians in Afghanistan out of convenience, as a matter of policy. See the documentation here.
  • HuffPost published a splash front-page headline that falsely accused the U.S. military of “torturing, abusing and murdering” Iraqi detainees, when it knew, or should have known, that this incendiary allegation was untrue. See the documentation here.
  • HuffPost has repeatedly published stories about U.S. military drone strikes that it knew, or should have known, were based on incendiary lies and terrorist propaganda. See the documentation here, here and here.

See our complete archive of examples on how HuffPost smears the U.S. military here.

Examples of HuffPost dehumanizing American soldiers

  • HuffPost ignored four incidents of white American soldiers who were severely beaten, on U.S. soil, because of their skin color, by black mobs. Two of these attacks were captured on video. In one case, the soldier’s face was so badly damaged he required reconstructive surgery; in another, he had to have metal plates installed in his jaw, and his mouth was wired shut for two weeks.
    Instead, in the following days, HuffPost gave front-page coverage to stories including: “The First Sex Toy Designed Specifically For Transgender Men,” “Unadoptable Sad-Faced Cat Shows That Everyone Deserves A Chance,” and “Chimp Abandoned On Island Welcomes Rescuers With Open Arms.”
    See the documentation here, here, here and here.
  • HuffPost gave only brief, subdued, depersonalized coverage to the story of a beloved Army veteran who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist, depicting him only as “a tourist,” and not featuring a single photo of him, or detail about his life, or grieving loved ones.
    Instead, in the following days, HuffPost gave two straight days of front-page, detailed, pictorial coverage to a sympathetic story about a swan that was abused — in Eastern Europe, Kim Kardashian’s latest nude selfie, and her sadness over another celebrity’s insult, a sad American who joined ISIS but regretted his decision, and numerous Syrian refugees.
    See the details of this incident in a 16-minute documentary video, produced by SaveTheWest, here. The trailer is here.
  • HuffPost ignored a beloved U.S. Army officer who sacrificed his life to save a young Afghan girl.
    Instead, it gave front-page coverage to stories including, Six-legged calf is adorable and milking the attention,” “Dolphins’ sexuality may be more open than you think,” and numerous exploitative stories focusing on womens’ bodies.
    See the documentation here.
  • HuffPost ignored the story of an American war hero who was being awarded the Medal of Honor, for what President Obama described as “one of the most intense battles of the entire war in Afghanistan,” against an overwhelming number of jihadis who snuck onto his base.
    Instead, it gave five straight days of top coverage to a sympathetic, pictorial, in-depth story about a “homesick American jihadi.”
    See the documentation here.
  • HuffPost ignored the story of a revered, decorated Navy SEAL who was killed in a bold military strike against an Al Qaeda communications compound that had gone wrong.
    Instead, it gave sustained, pictorial, front-page coverage to a sympathetic story about a top Al Qaeda terrorist’s daughter, who was accidentally killed in the strike.
    See the documentation here.

See our complete archive of examples on how HuffPost dehumanizes American soldiers here.

Examples of HuffPost whitewashing and evoking sympathy for Islamist terrorists

  • HuffPost published a glowing fashion pictorial that focused only on the wife of murderous Syrian dictator Basher Assad, which it called an “all-natural beauty” — as “news.” It was later discovered that the photo-shoot upon which this “news” story was based was the outgrowth of a PR campaign funded by Assad. See the documentation here.
  • HuffPost whitewashed and helped evoke worldwide sympathy for one of the world’s most dangerous anti-American terrorists, in part by using the propaganda media employed by her supporters. See the documentation here.
  • HuffPost posted a front-page story about the “human face” of Al Qaeda — based on an egregious half-truth. See the documentation here.
  • From 2013 onward, HuffPost gave glowing PR to Iran’s leaders, and enabled their notorious PR front group in America, to help trick America into accepting the nuclear “deal.” See the documentation here and here.
  • HuffPost published a front-page headline that assailed the NSA for breaking into what it claimed were “activists’” computers, when its own story proved they were supporters and funders of Islamist terror, including Al Qaeda. See the documentation here.

See our complete archive of examples on how HuffPost undermines the U.S. military, and whitewashes America’s enemies, here.


In 2005, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the second-in-command of Al Qaeda (now its leader) said:

“We are in a battle, and more than half of this battle is taking place in the battlefield of the media.”

One year later, the Al-Qaeda Media Committee issued a memorandum that read, in part:

“People of jihad have to create a media war that goes parallel to the military war. They should not be short on anything because we see the effect the media has on the nation and people in supporting or denouncing us.”

“The Nature of the Enemy,” a U.S. Department of Defense publication, October 17, 2006 (via Global Security)

In the following years, ISIS and other Islamist terror groups echoed the utmost importance of this “propaganda jihad,” particularly against the U.S. military (example). To aid the newcomer in fully grasping these terrorist groups’ information warfare strategies and tactics, SaveTheWest has prepared a comprehensive bibliography of articles and reports.

As relating specifically to the U.S. military, these groups’ key objectives are:

  • To falsely accuse American soldiers of murdering innocent Muslims and committing various war crimes
  • To falsely depict the U.S. military as being on a “crusade” to convert Muslim nations into Christian ones, by force (HuffPost gave top coverage to two articles that falsely made this accusation, one of which used the term “crusade”)

As documented above, and on this page, the facts show that for many years, HuffPost has perpetrated acts and omissions that, given its immense influence and reach, it knows (or should know) could only serve to help advance Islamist terror groups’ information warfare objectives, by:

  • Inciting global hatred against the U.S. military
  • Contributing to the documented phenomenon of “sudden jihad syndrome,” in which borderline violent Islamists say later that they were pushed into a terrorist act, by seeing or hearing something — often online, via the “Internet jihad” — that validates an inflammatory, erroneous perception of his enemy, most often, the U.S. military
  • Emboldening and legitimizing the jihadists who are murdering American soldiers — especially now that HuffPost has two all-Arabic editions, in the Middle East and North Africa

Considered as a whole, HuffPost’s bigotry, bias and incitement against the U.S. military is comparable to that of newspapers controlled by the Ku Klux Klan in the Deep South, in the early 20th century. Disguised as “news,” the only time one saw stories in these newspapers about black people, or featuring black faces, was when they were being accused of having perpetrated crimes large and small (whether truthfully or not), or being stupid, lazy, violent, or similar. Yet whenever black Americans performed some noble deed, big or small, these “newspapers” ignored them.

It was these indoctrinated, incendiary perceptions — propagated by the local “news” media — that incited such a frenzy of hatred against blacks that they were lynched throughout the deep South.

In HuffPost’s case, however, it is getting rich by inciting hatred against and dehumanizing U.S. soldiers, while whitewashing and evoking sympathy for America’s enemies — thanks to advertising from mainstream American corporations, many of whom probably have no idea that they’ve been enabling this behavior.

(5.2) HuffPost incites hatred against police officers — then ignores hate crimes against them

(5.3) HuffPost publishes homophobic, gay-defaming headlines, and attacks Christians who denounce homosexuality – but completely ignores explicit incitement of violence against gays by Islamist imams, on U.S. soil, including the one who preached this hate in Orlando, two months before the Pulse nightclub massacre

(5.4) HuffPost publishes explicit, X-rated pornography on its front page, with no age restrictions

(5.5) HuffPost publishes explicit pictures of nude women in degrading submission and bondage situations, on its front page

(5.6) HuffPost obsessively publishes vaginas on its front page

(5.7) HuffPost explicitly advocates and glamorizes cheating on one’s spouse/partner on its front page



(6) Conclusion: Why HuffPost’s enablers must be called out, now

(6.1) The net effect of HuffPost’s malicious acts and omissions is to help tear America apart, based on lies, incitement and human degradation

(6.2) The key forces that are enabling HuffPost to engage in this behavior — and why they must be called out, now

(7) Our letter to HuffPost’s top twenty advertisers

(7.1) The letter

(7.2) The advertisers to whom this letter was sent, their stated values, and how you can contact them

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