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Op-Ed: How Israel’s election differed from America’s!



By Rachel Avraham

Israel Hayom reported today that Ra’am, an Israeli Arab party, will support Benjamin Netanyahu being Prime Minister from outside the coalition, provided that Otzma Yehudit Leader Ben-Gvir won’t get any significant position. Israel invests significantly more in fighting crime in the Arab sector and perhaps also makes some changes to the Nation State Law.

This announcement came as Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid has offered Yamina leader Naftali Bennett the position of being prime minister in rotation, if he would only agree to sit with Meretz and the Joint Arab List in his bloc, which are two things that so far he has not been willing to do.

Following this announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called upon Yamina leader Naftali Bennett and New Hope leader Gideon Sa’ar to “come home”. Hew said, “After three elections in which no result was obtained, this time the public gave the right-wing parties a clear majority of 65 seats. This makes it possible to form a stable right-wing government and it can be formed immediately. The challenges we face require this – we must kick-start the economy, face the Iranian nuclear issue, strengthen the settlements, sign several more peace agreements, and bring vaccines to our children so that we do not go back to suffocating the economy.

“Any other government that is formed will be an unstable left-wing government, set up in clear opposition to the vast majority who voted for the Likud and right-wing parties,” he added. “A government with extreme opposition can destroy all our achievements – and it will fall very quickly.”

New Hope leader Gideon Sa’ar has ruled out joining a Netanyahu-led government. However, Yamina leader Naftali Bennett has not.
In a recent Save the West webinar, STW founder and threat analyst Kenneth Abramowitz, who is also the author of ‘The Multifront War,’ said: “In terms of the Israeli election, it was a repeat of the three previous elections. The country is roughly split in half. In America, we are split into Republicans and Democrats. But in Israel, they have nearly 15 different parties and they are divided into the right bloc and the left bloc.” This creates a situation where parties like Yamina and Ra’am can become the kingmakers, determining the outcome of an election.

Abramowitz noted that what is going on in Israel is significantly different than what happened in America during the last elections: “If you look at the right and left, 80 percent of the left wing parties are still loyal to Israel. They still serve in the army. The gap between the right and left is not like it is in America. In Israel, everyone believes in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. In America, only the Republicans support these principles. The Democrats only care about power. Israelis believe in the system, the state, and the religion. Even the Arabs are increasingly believing in the system. We lost control of the education system, but not Israel. We are basically going through a cultural civil war, where the Republicans still believe in the constitution and the Democrats do not.”

“One of the key reasons that the two societies are different from each other is because of the church and state issue,” he added. “Israel has a unique relationship between church/synagogue and state. Judaism runs supreme throughout the country. That is not under dispute. It is the glue that holds the country together, with the Basic Laws. About 90 percent of the population believes in the union of the religious laws and the Basic Laws. It is a marriage between the religion and secular law. America lost that 70 years ago, when we dramatically separated church and state. When you take the church out of the schools, ideological falsehoods sneak in. When you take G-d out of a society, the devil walks in, as some say.”

Abramowitz was referring to how radical Islamists (Greens) and Communists (Reds) have invaded the American educational system, after the Judea-Christian curriculum was undone. Although some minorities argue that it is wrong to teach the truth of only one religion, Abramowitz believes that at the very least the separation of church and state could have been done better:

“If you take the churches and synagogues out, you cannot let the Reds and Greens march in and take over. We took down our cultural defense shield and the devil walked right in. That is why we have a Communist/Islamist takeover of our schools and that is why our society is not as healthy as Israel’s is. At the very least, we should not have let the religion of the Golden Calf, Communism, and radical Islamism, walk in, if we were going to take G-d out of the schools.”

Abramowitz sees America getting worse in the days to come, as Biden is “Obama on steroids. It could be lethal overtime. Obama and crew support all of the bad guys in the world. If you always support our enemies and not our allies, it is treason, but we call it a policy dispute. There is the Taylor Force Law that says you cannot give money to the PA until they stop paying the salaries of terrorists in prison. Yet, Biden disregards the law and sends them money. He is also getting allies to invest in Iran and thus bypass sanctions. The Democrats are now the communist/Islamist party, who took over the country.”

Abramowitz thinks if the average Israeli understood the threat posed by the Biden administration, Netanyahu would have easily been able to form a coalition, without problems or complications: “We basically have the Obama administration again, but in a full socialist/communist/Islamist mode. Yair Lapid who is number two to Netanyahu and got 17 seats, accused Netanyahu of being a racist. This is standard Democrat false narrative. They like to call normal people racists. Lapid needed a boost before the election, so he called his opponents racists. He is an empty suit. I cannot even understand what he believes in. Every time, he says Netanyahu is corrupt. He never explains how Netanyahu is corrupt and how he himself is not corrupt.”

Abramowitz said that Netanyahu “vaccinated 70% of the population, three times greater than the US and UK due to his strong relations with Moderna and Pfizer. He agreed to use Israel as a testing center. He split the Arab parties into an anti-Israel party and a more pragmatic party. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the Christian population is growing. Arabs in Israel get vaccinated just like the Jews. Only 10 percent of the population is vaccinated in Arab world. Today, 50% of world Jewry is in Israel. In a few generations, it will be 70%. Israel is one of the healthiest countries in the world today. America should look to Israel, but Israel must not look to America for guidance.”


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Rachel Avraham is a political analyst working for the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy, Research, Public Relations and Human Rights, which is run by Mendi Safadi, a former Likud Candidate for the Knesset and a former chief of staff of former Israeli Communication Minister Ayoob Kara. Since 2012, she has been working as an Israel-based journalist and writer, covering Iran, Kurdistan, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other developments in the greater Islamic world.

Her articles have appeared in the Washington Times, the Hill, Front Page Magazine, the Daily Wire, the Christian Post, the Baltimore Jewish Times, the Jerusalem Post, Israel Hayom, Ahval and many other publications across the globe. She received her MA in Middle Eastern Studies from Ben-Gurion University. She got her BA in Government and Politics with minors in Jewish Studies and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Maryland at College Park.

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