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Ken’s Thought of the Week: Tragedy strikes in 3 different places within 3 weeks



Young women weep as they hold each other for comfort during a students vigil near Al Noor mosque on March 18, 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand. (Photo: Carl Court, Getty Images)

In the last three weeks, we saw three tragedies in three different places.

First, there was a very sad display of human barbarity in Christchurch, New Zealand, where one demented maniac murdered 50 Muslims, and left 50 injured. The initial reports claimed the shooter, Brenton Tarrant, was a Christian motivated solely by white nationalism — which has clearly become a worldwide problem that must be dealt with. A closer read of his 74-page manifesto, however, reveals that he was influenced by his random, self-styled study of issues, and described himself as an “eco-fascist,” and a strong believer in communist ideology. Taken together, his stated motivations are strongly indicative of deep mental illness, as the far-right is typically anti-communist, and rejects the draconian measures Tarrant claims are needed to protect our environment.

In Nigeria, 120 Christians were slaughtered, allegedly by Fulani Islamist terrorists. (Last year, a pastor, his wife and their three children were burned alive by Fulani Islamist terrorists.)

In Israel, an IDF soldier and a rabbi were murdered, and five Jews were wounded, by a Palestinian Islamist terrorist. Then, on March 24, a rocket from Hamas-ruled Gaza slammed into a home on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, injuring seven Jewish civilians, including two toddlers, and killing two dogs.

Is there any relationship between the good guys or bad guys in these tragedies? Are there any conclusions to be derived? Yes:

(1) All the dead were innocent, tragically killed victims. We mourn them all, with their three different faiths.

(2) The New Zealand Muslims were killed by an apparent “lone wolf.” In contrast, the Jewish victims in Israel were victims of Political Islam, which entails the politicization of the Muslim religion — and claims it is superior to all others, and therefore, is entitled to rule the Earth, either through forcing people to convert to Islam, or murdering them if they refuse. More below.

(3) All three respective governments did not sufficiently protect their vulnerable populations.

Another question that arises is: What is the difference between Islam/Muslims vs Political Islam,  Islamism and radical Islam?

Islam is a religion, and in America, is therefore protected by our Constitution.

Political Islam represents the politicization of a religion, for political gain, and is not protected by our constitution. There are four major Political Islam terror organizations:

(1) Iran, and its subsidiaries, the IRGC and Hezbollah

(2) ISIS/Al Qaeda are the two leading physical terrorist organizations

(3) The Muslim Brotherhood (mostly in Turkey and Qatar) and (4) the Wahabbis (Saudis) are primarily cultural terror organizations, led by their control over the books, mosques and Islamist cultural centers that they establish throughout the Muslim and Western worlds. In short, they run formalized conveyor belts in which to radicalize, motivate and justify Islamist terror throughout the world.

All four terror organization have the goal of taking over the world by any means necessary. Their search for land and power knows no bounds. All four must be fought and resisted.

Individual Muslims are not the enemy in New Zealand, or anywhere else. Therefore, we must focus the energy of our security agencies on Political Islam, and not random Muslims.

And we all must remain far more vigilant of, and enact protective measures against, threats to peaceful people throughout the world – be they Christians, Jews, Muslims or anyone else.

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