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Proud Israeli-Arab mother of three IDF soldiers has a few words for Israel-haters

Anett Haskia (Photo: Algemeiner)

Israel is so often depicted in the “news” media in terms that mirror the worst militant Islamist narrative: that it is the new Nazi state; that it is doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to the Jews in World War II, and other such outrageous nonsense.

Anett Haskia (Photo: Algemeiner)
Anett Haskia (Photo: Algemeiner)

While some see through this nonsense, few have a perspective as unique as that of Anett Haskia, the Israeli-Arab mother of three IDF soldiers, including one serving in the elite Golani unit, which recently fought in Gaza.

The Aglgemeiner recently featured a story and interview with Haskia, that deserves to be told far and wide.  Excerpt (emphasis added):

Haskia, a mother of three who claims to be a proud Israeli, runs an active Facebook page with hundreds of followers. An avid user, she posts pictures with Hebrew status updates encouraging Israel’s soldiers to “keep on fighting in Gaza until total victory.” Among her photos is one of her three children, two boys and a girl, all in IDF uniform.

The interview took place while her son, a Golani Brigade infantryman, was engaged in battle in Gaza. Golani, an IDF infantry brigade that became legendary for the courage and ferocity of its fighters, suffered heavy losses when 13 of its men were killed in battles in the neighborhood of Shujiaya last week. […]

Anett with her son, an Israeli-Arab serving in the IDF’s elite Golani unit. (Algemeiner; Facebook)

“My son grew up in Israeli society. He is a son of the state of Israel, and he went and joined the army and today he is inside Gaza. And to all those who chant ‘Death to Arabs’ you should be chanting ‘Death to Terrorists’. I say to them: Calm down! You make us laugh, because many, many Arabs are now going into the depths of inferno.”

“You should call to change the constitution,” she continued. “You should legislate to strip citizenship from anyone who harms the security of the state, whether Arab or Jewish. Start respecting us and looking us in the eye.”

Anett stresses, “we are not residents of the territories, we are citizens of Israel.” In an apparent jab at Israeli Arabs who hold the Palestinian cause close to their hearts, she said “whoever does not want to accept the state of Israel is welcome to go to an Arab country.”

Read the rest here.

See Anett’s Facebook page here.





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