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The Globalists’ Existential Threats to U.S. – Ken’s Thought of the...

The supra-national organizations that are trying to take authority over sovereign nations are threatening the future of their autonomy and independence.

Op-Ed: Putin Repeats Stalin’s Blunders

Putin is not an obsessed ideologue bent on turning the world communist. But his paranoid secretiveness, even from his own spies, has lead Russia into disaster.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: Boris Johnson’s landslide victory is great...

This week, Ken examines why the UK populace's stunning vote for Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party is likely to produce positive results for the UK, the USA and the free world.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: G7 meeting missed the key challenges

This week, Ken identifies five key threats that the G7 attendees did not discuss, which must be addressed if we are to avoid World War 3.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: Did the EU Learn Anything from...

This week, Ken and STW editor-videographer Jon Sutz point out how European nations' refusal to deal with existential threats led to WW2 - and are now leading to WW3.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: European anti-Semitism is out of control,...

This week, Ken and STW editor-videographer Jon Sutz expose the Jew-hatred behind the European Union's plan to label Israeli products - while it ignores the world's worst human rights-violating nations.

Why is the West always silent about the Iranian regime’s crimes,...

This special report examines how far Western nations have gone to provide material assistance to Iran, yet ignore its rampant human rights abuses and terrorism -- while focusing unjustified wrath on Iran's enemy, Israel.