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Ken’s letter to the WSJ to urge Trump to confront Islamist...

STW founder and president Ken Abramowitz urges the Trump administration to develop a comprehensive strategy for confronting, and defeating the supremacist ideology that gives birth to and legitimizes Islamist terrorism.

Ken’s letter to the WSJ re the urgent need for America...

From STW founder and president Ken Abramowitz: "The Kurds were our best allies in the fight against ISIS. Going forward, they represent a crucial ally in our existential fight to stop Iranian imperialism in the Middle East and then throughout the world."

ISIS files “cultural appropriation” complaint against ANTIFA with the United Nations...

Social justice warriors have been fuming over groups and organizations that "cultural appropriate" habits and mannerisms that originate elsewhere. Now, ISIS is joining the bandwagon, by filing a complaint at the UN against ANTIFA anarchists, for "culturally appropriating" their outfits.

Sign STW’s petition: “Celebrity Love Jihad”

Recently, Hollywood stars condemned the U.S. military's use of a massive bomb to attack an ISIS stronghold. Instead, they said we should use "love, compassion and understanding" to protect ourselves. Sign STW's petition if you want to see them go lecture terrorists on this, instead of us.

The U.S. military’s hands are tied in the war on Islamist...

Is the U.S. really fighting a war against Islamist terror - and against ISIS, in particular? Not according to scores of military sources, who claim President Obama has effectively tied their hands.

Ten vital facts about the refugee crisis that every American should...

A special report that arms Americans with crucially-important facts concerning the refugee crisis, and reveals the dangerously incorrect perceptions that are being mass-propagated.

How you can help save terrorized Yazidi girls

How many times in life do you have the chance to save a terrorized, enslaved young girl? This is one. Please help a courageous businessman to liberate ISIS-enslaved Yazidi girls.

US Brigadier General: “A Few Airstrikes Don’t Win Wars”

Brigadier General Ernie Audino (ret.) says, "The destruction of ISIS and breaking its will to fight will not happen by the conduct of defensive operations alone. [T]his level of destruction will require the conduct of well-coordinated, well-equipped and well-supplied offensive operations."