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My Journey to Agdam, the Hiroshima of the Caucuses

The graves were gone and the beautiful Turkic architecture of the royal tombs lay in ruins, from the Armenians utilizing these historic tombs as pig pens. How is it possible in our era to witness Christians desecrating holy places in such a manner?

Op-Ed: Israel: Not Refuge but Restoration

Israel is not about refuge. Israel is about restoration of justice and fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. Israel is the greatest restoration story ever told.

My Contribution to the Abraham Accords

Ayoob Kara’s unique and powerful plan for peace in the Middle East is unlike any that has been proposed before. It is well-worth a serious look.

A Rational Deal for the Irrational Middle East: Ken’s Thought of...

This week, Ken and STW consulting editor-videographer Jon Sutz analyze President Trump's Peace To Prosperity plan, and address its pluses and negatives.

Ken’s Thought of the Week: Trump’s forthcoming Middle East peace plan...

This week, Ken explains why the Trump administration's upcoming proposed peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority cannot succeed, given the reality on the ground.

Ken’s letter to the WSJ to urge the US move its...

From STW founder and president Ken Abramowitz: “It is a sad day when American diplomats insist on acting against American and Israeli self interest by giving away Israeli land.”

STW Founder Ken Abramowitz on i24 Israeli News re Temple Mount...

SaveTheWest.com founder and president Ken Abramowitz appeared on Israel's i24 News channel on July 18, 2017, to discuss the recent Palestinian terrorist attack on the Temple Mount, in which two Israeli policemen were murdered, and why Israel should ignore criticism of its efforts to improve security at the site.

The Washington Post’s fake news regarding Jerusalem, and the history of...

Why would the Washington Post allow its Jerusalem bureau chief to make a demonstrably false statement about the history of the city? STW's founder, Ken Abramowitz, and editor, Jon Sutz, expose the reality.