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HOPES FOR THE JEWISH NEW YEAR – Ken’s Thought of the...

It is time for the forces of 'good' to oppose and defeat the forces of 'evil' everywhere! In honor of the Jewish New Year, we at Save The West have created a list of hopes for the forthcoming year.

Why Should Americans Visit Azerbaijan?

"There is much to uncover and explore, from unique religious and cultural history, to the more recent events concerning the liberation of Karabakh and post-Soviet heritage." Irina Tsukerman

Op-Ed: Israel: Not Refuge but Restoration

Israel is not about refuge. Israel is about restoration of justice and fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. Israel is the greatest restoration story ever told.

Respecting the Torah vs Respecting the Constitution – Ken’s Thought of...

The American Constitution is rapidly disappearing from the public sphere after only 233 years. The survival of the freest country in the world is at stake.

Op-Ed: How the Druze Serve the State of Israel Today

.By Rachel Avraham In recent years, the Druze have been making inroads and obtaining high level government posts. Part of the reason why so many...

Op-Ed: The Middle History of the Druze-Jewish Alliance

The Druze of Israel suffered greatly during the middle years of their history in what is now Israel, until the creation of the Jewish state, when everything changed.

Op-Ed: The Early History of the Druze-Jewish Alliance

The story of the friendship between the Druze and the Jews began several thousand years ago when Moseshelped Zipporah at the well. This is the first part of a 3-part series on this long and special friendship.

Op-Ed: Which Middle Eastern Nations Sacrifice Their Own People?

. By Rachel Avraham   Throughout history, numerous nations were known to sacrifice their own people in cruel and barbaric manners. Ken Abramowitz, Founder of Save the...

Blacks in America and Jews in the World: Differing Responses to...

A special submission to STW by author & business consultant Lee Broad, which examines how these two groups of historically oppressed peoples have reacted to their situations

Ken’s Thought of the Week: European anti-Semitism is out of control,...

This week, Ken and STW editor-videographer Jon Sutz expose the Jew-hatred behind the European Union's plan to label Israeli products - while it ignores the world's worst human rights-violating nations.