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Ken’s Thought of the Week: Hong Kong implications are big



By Ken Abramowitz, President & Founder, SaveTheWest

The pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong is a very positive development for democracies worldwide. The people there, most of whom were born and raised in the freest economy in the world, are terrified at the prospect of their freedom and prosperity being surrendered, piece by piece, to China’s dictatorship. Here is a video summary of the background of the protests, by the Wall St. Journal; see more in Additional Reading:

For those who are unfamiliar with Hong Kong’s transformation from an impoverished sea port in the 1950s, ruled by a tyrannical government, to one of the world’s economic powerhouses — in less than 40 years — this 15-minute documentary provides an excellent introduction:

For a background on the jarring difference between free Hong Kong, and the brutal tyrannies that have ruled China for millennia, here is an expansive documentary, produced by the CIA in 1967:


Democracies now represent approximately 50% of the world’s population and 65% of the world’s GDP. The remainder of the world’s population is controlled by dictatorships.

Democracies don’t know this, but the dictatorships have declared war on them. China, in particular, is pursuing a breakneck military expansion, with the objective of undermining and ultimately overtaking America as the world’s top superpower.

Michael Pilsbury, Director of the Center on Chinese Strategy at the Hudson Institute, is considered  by many to be one of America’s premier experts on China’s strategic thinking, which he describes in a new book, The Hundred-year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America As the Global Superpower. In this video, Pilsbury discusses his book, and what America must do to protect itself.

Given what is at stake — of remaining free, or being taken over by Chinese tyranny — the people of Hong Kong are risking their lives to stand up for freedom — and the U.S. is obligated to stand with them, and indeed, all other people standing for freedom and democracy, everywhere, and every time.

A successful resolution to Hong Kong’s quest for democracy and autonomy (not independence) is very important to the U.S. for five reasons:

(1) When the U.K.’s 99 year lease over Hong Kong expired, it turned over responsibility to China. For 50 years, until 2047, China agreed to set up a “special administrative region” for Hong Kong, under a policy called “one country, two systems.” The U.S. and U.K. should hold China to its own agreement.

(2) As the U.S. seeks to conclude a trade deal with China, the US will obviously have to negotiate a strong enforcement mechanism.

(3) The U.S. must set a further example by strengthening military relations with Taiwan.

(4) The U.S. must stay strong to set an example to nearby North Korea.

(5) The U.S. must set an example for other dictatorships, including Iran, Venezuela, and Russia.

In international relations, all eyes of the world are focused on the behavior of the key powers. Hong Kong is a flash point for democracies and dictatorships alike. We have a huge responsibility to stay strong and support democratic movements everywhere, so dictatorships could be defeated.  It will take time, but the alternatives are unacceptable.

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