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Ken’s Thought of the Week: The interconnectedness of America’s enemies



In the past two weeks, North Korea test fired numerous short-range (50-150 mile) missiles, presumably to pressure the U.S. into concessions in negotiations over the dictatorship’s nuclear weapons program.

China is moving closer to a trade deal with the U.S., but is not playing a helpful role with clients North Korea or Venezuela, thereby it is indirectly pressuring us.

According to both Israeli and Saudi sources, Iran paid Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) to fire on Israeli soldiers, and to launch a missile attack on Israel. About 700 missiles/rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel within the span of 48 hours.

In Venezuela, the Maduro narco-terror criminal regime almost fell, but Russia, Iran, Cuba and/or China evidentially came to its rescue.

So what’s the connection?

The connection is that that our enemies — namely Iran, Cuba and Venezuela, and our competitors — primarily China and Russia — are testing us wherever they can. They will probe and probe until they win, or until we respond.

Nicolas Maduro and Vladmir Putin (Reuters) 

However, U.S. weakness, apparently as expressed by our negotiating team in Venezuela, is impeding the chances of negotiating everywhere else.

U.S. military assets must be prominently displayed, but sparingly used, only when they are crucially needed. Venezuela is right in our backyard.

We should revive the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, through which the U.S. vowed to protect itself from foreign enemies that are undermining governments in Latin America.

We cannot fail at regime change here. We must send a strong message to Iran, Cuba, Russia, China, and Turkey.

After we succeed in re-instituting democracy in Venezuela, we can then focus on regime change in Iran, Cuba, and even Turkey, and perhaps North Korea.

In net, we are now fighting against numerous challengers and enemies with our hands tied behind our backs. The bad guys have strategies to win. The U.S. has strategies to tie.

We should create strategies to win, on multiple fronts, and in multiple ways. Let’s go!

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