Op Ed: How does Israel’s Relationship with China Differ from America’s?

While the U.S. considers China to be its number one strategic threat, Israel does not. How will Israel's growing friendship with China affect the US-Israel relationships months to come?

Cultural Safety Has Domestic and Foreign Challenges: Ken’s Thought of the Week

This week, Ken follows up on previous articles, with recommendations for both domestic and international advisers for both the Red and Green Task Forces.

The difficulty of perception, language and understanding

A detailed assessment of the corrupt optics and values through which today's "journalists" are viewing, and reporting on, Israel's defensive actions against Hamas's relentless terrorism.

OP ED: Ten problems with the new Israeli government!

. By Rachel Avraham The State of Israel has a new government and already Netanyahu’s key policies are beginning to unravel. As Ayoob Kara, who served...

OP-ED: How Will Israel’s New PM Bennett Affect US-Israeli Relations?

. By Rachel Avraham In a recent webinar, Ken Abramowitz, founder of Save the West and author of The Multifront War, talked about the new government...

Healthcare Industry to the Rescue – Ken’s Thought of the Week

When COVID-19 hit, there were no diagnostics, no therapeutics, no vaccines. But America rose to the challenge. How did that happen?

Ken’s Thoughts Of The Week: Fireworks Coming At The UN

This week, SaveTheWest.com founder and president Ken Abramowitz explains why America must press the United Nations to take significant punitive actions against Iran, the world's #1 state sponsor of terrorism, and employ other means to stop the threat it poses - and promises - against the U.S. and our ally, Israel.

Op-Ed: How Israel’s election differed from America’s!

"if the average Israeli understood the threat posed by the Biden administration, Netanyahu would have easily been able to form a coalition." But he didn't. And here's why.

Senate Democrats: “Filibuster is BAD! (Unless we’re using it)”

Senate Democrats have claimed the American people deserve a full, open debate on legislation, and an up-or-down vote. Regarding the Iran treaty "deal," however... well... not. A study in egregious hypocrisy.





Ken’s Thoughts of the Week: The US withdrawal from Syria is...

This week, SaveTheWest.com founder and president Ken Abramowitz further assesses the result and implications of President Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. military forces from Syria, and his anticipated withdrawal of half our soldiers from Afghanistan.


Op Ed: Will Biden’s Middle East Policy Fail like Previous...

The United States has a president who wants to reverse all Trump's important policies, He has thereby emboldened the Iranian terror regime to once again be more aggressive.

America’s Democracy in Peril – Ken’s Thought of the Week

America's future as a democracy is now in peril. What will the next four years look like, and what will they do to America as we have known it?