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HuffPost’s incitement of racial hatred

Examples of HuffPost inciting racial hatred [working on]

HuffPost’s incitement of racial hatred [working on]

HuffPost’s bias in reporting hate crimes and incidents

Introduction: HuffPost’s extreme bias in reporting hate crimes, based on the race, religion or political orientation of the victim

Examples of HuffPost giving top coverage to alleged hate crimes against people in FAVORED GROUPS

Examples of HuffPost legitimizing fake hate crimes against Muslims

Examples of HuffPost ignoring hate crimes against people it considers to be WORTHLESS

Examples of HuffPost ignoring Islamist hate and incitement against members of the LGBT community

Other hate speech and racism by its favored groups that HuffPost ignored : Save The West [working on]

HuffPost ignoring anti-Semitic hate crimes and incidents from 2014-2017

Examples of HuffPost ignoring anti-Semitic hate incidents in America in 2016-2017

Examples of HuffPost ignoring anti-Semitic hate incidents in America in 2014-2015

Supplement: Examples of HuffPost ignoring American Jewish victims of Palestinian terrorism — and what it posted on its front page instead

HuffPost’s incitement of hatred against, and dehumanization of American soldiers, while whitewashing and legitimizing America’s enemies

Examples of HuffPost’s propaganda jihad against the U.S. military – and for America’s enemies

HuffPost’s incitement of hatred against police officers, while whitewashing and legitimizing those who attack them

Examples of HuffPost inciting hate against police officers — then ignoring hate crimes against them [working on]

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HuffPost’s biased coverage of Rep. Keith Ellison’s campaign to become Chairman of the DNC

HuffPost’s scorched-Earth efforts to elect Sec. Clinton — and its furious reaction to the election results

For whom does HuffPost weep? [working on]

Fake hate crimes roster

The SPLC exposed [working on]